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I have a text datatype field which contains numbers and an operator(-) When I try to get this field value in javascript, I am getting the substarcted value.

For ex: the original value is 341302-01. When I try to get this value in javascript, I am geeting 341301 where the auto substarct happened like 2-01, so it returns 1. Please let me know if you know the way to get the original value in jaavscript as it is available in DB including -.

Appreciate your help.
Hello Everyone,

While doing an integration with SAP there are firewall issues.To avoid this they were asking me the salesforce IP for my organization.

So how can i know the IP Address of my instance, its a developer org. Is it possible to find by salesforce logged in URL?
URL:: https://ap1.salesforce.com

Please suggest me with your ideas, Thanks in advance.

Is there a way to maintain the salesforce UI styles with a custom html table?


I am creating an html table:


		<table width="100%" cellpadding="5">
				<th>First Name</th>
				<th>Last Name</th>

 I'd like to maintain the salesforce UI styles for this table.