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Does anyone have any Idea about below error

This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. Error in $A.getCallback() [Action failed: ltng:require$controller$init [this._then is not a function]] Failing descriptor: {ltng:outApp}

We are implementing a PWA app which will be integrating with the core salesforce, requirement is embed chatbot on PWA app which will be using salesforce community login I am unable to understand the process, how it will going to embed in PWA and how it will be detecting the user is logged In or not ?

Please help !!


Hello, In february I completed the trailhead challenges, but received no communications about my tshirt.  
I earned the first 2 badges well before the 28th of february. Did I miss something? 
How can i get my t-shirt?

Thank you for your support,
Ps. here is the text of the email i received inviting me to the challenge:
 Meet Trailhead, a fast and easy way to explore the basics of building cloud apps. Earn the first 2 intro badges by February 28, 2015 and you'll win a limited edition t-shirt! It's that easy to get started.