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Hello everyone,

I have a custom trigger in my Org to do some data changes before insert. Therefore I implemented some code even evaluating if it was triggered isBefore and then doing some update:

        for (Integer i =0; i < oppLineItems.size(); i++) {
            invoiceLineItems[i].opp_ref__c = oppLineItems[i].Id;

But still I get an error: SELF_REFERENCE_FROM_TRIGGER.
Any suggestions or ideas?

The thing is, it was working just fine for half a year but now (in relation to the last release ?!?) it is not working since about two weeks?

It would be awesome to get some hints on this one!
I keep getting the following error message, even after trying in 3 new playgrounds: 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Some billing state names do not meet data quality standards, or the data import was unsuccessful.

I followed all of the instructions:
1. Installed unmanaged package in the new playground
2. Added Residential picklist type to Accounts
3. Cleaned up Account list:
a. Removed "Household" from Account name (this wasn't specified, but it didn't seem necessary)
b. Removed duplicate records
c. Changed accounts in ALL CAPS to only cap first letter of first and last name
d. Changed state name to 3 letter State code
e. Saved as .CSV file
4. Imported list using Import Wizard

I received an email confirming the import was successful with 11 rows processed and I see the accounts when I search up accounts in the playground. 

Thanks in advance for any help!