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Hi all,

My mission statement:  Use picklist values to determine whether or not a text field should be mandatory/required

I tried the formula above as a validation rule:

IF(ISPICKVAL(Charities_Register_Status__c , "Registered"),LEN( Charities_Register_No__c )<1, Charities_Register_No__c =NULL)

where 'Charities_Register_Status' = Picklist
and 'Charities_Register_No' = Required Text Field

I only want the 'Charities_Register_No' to be Mandatory/Required if the 'Charities_Register_Status__c' selection = 'Registered'

Can anyone confirm if the validation rule I've used above is correct to achieve this?  I've tested it and no matter what the 'Charities_Register_Status__c' selection, the 'Charities_Register_No' is still required.