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Hi All,

The is no validation to check if you have completed the Trialhead module or not.
Without completing the chalange also we can get the Certificate by just completing the survey on Drucker School of Management site.

we are deploying application like "school management" on app exchange. how much money take sales force  to developer  for  deploying application?.      i want to deploy payable application on app exchange.
 does we are developer.how much money pay salesforce for deploment application.
We have a mysql database on a linux box and we would like to sync changes to that data into our SFDC environment.  Data does not need to go both ways at this time, just from the linux box to SFDC.  I have seen a number of Apps for this but I was hoping someone could help me with coding this.  I am fairly new to coding but I am a quick study and unfortunately this problem has me stuck.  I have searched this Forum for answers to this question but they all lead to partial answers and I feel like I am missing something at the end of each tutorial I watch on SOAP/REST APIs.  

Can someone please, pretty please point me in the correct direction?  Thank you in advance for your time and guidance!