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I've completed superbedges on trailhead.
Want to appear for MCQ exam.
If you have any relevant study material / sample questions/ Dumps please let me know.

Thaks in Advance!
I am asking for help, please avoid business / Trading of dumps here.
I recently appeared for salesforce developer plateform developer 2 exam, unfortunately due to some technical resaon the exam got suspended and proctor have to reschedule it. I got stucked in one of the question which was as follow:

When a Case is updated then we need to Insert a Account based on case status(Is case status is Approved), how it can be done
1. Use Lightening process (Process Builder).
2. Use After trigger on Case.

Both the answers are correct as we can insert a record from both After trigger and process builder. Need to figure which one is the correct answer among these two.