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Hi All,
I have a requirement where i need to keep the checkbox as true on next and preview buttons.
I have two tabs and on one tab i am displaying account data and other tab I am dispalying related contact data.If i check the checkbox on first tab and then related contacts i have to display on second tab and there i can select mulitple records.If i come back to previous tab the first selected records become the unchecked.

My requirement is on moving between tabs need to keep the same as previous selection.That means the checkbox remains keep it as true.But as per the current functionality it becames false.

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance
I need to create custom label and value as batch size and the created custom field needs to invoke in schedule job.

Can someone help me on this.

Thanks in advance
There are two objects which have master-detail relationship.
Object2:Price__c(MD relationship to Book__c)
on Book__c  i have a picklist field Type__c which have values Yes,No.
On Price__c I have a lookup field (PC__c) to user.
If i select the Type__c as "Yes" on Book__c then in the Price__c the PC__c field can't blank.

Please help on this.
Thanks in advance..!

Hi Experts,

I have a reuirement where we have to make the checkbox as true on parent object if the lookup(user) fields are not blank on child object.
For example I have a checkbox field Check__c on parent and I have multiple Lookup(user) fields like User1__c,User2__c,User3__c on child object.If all the three user fields are not blank then the check__c field should be true,if any one of the User field is blank then the check__c field should be false.

Thanks in advance..!

There are two objects parent and child.The parent data is displying in one datatable along with checkboxes to select the records,If i selected one parent record and click the serach button it navigate the child records datatable.There I want to create one Back button to navigate previous parent datatable.

Thanks in advance..!

I reached at this trailhead for sending SMS through Twilio. But I am Getting These Errors while saving the Controller. 
  1. Invalid type: TwilioRestClient
  2. Invalid type: TwilioSMS
  3. Variable does not exist: sms