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I Have a scenario where i need to create a record based on the multiselect field value . How can we loop over a mutliselect picklist field in a flow
Is it possible to iterate through a collection multi-select picklist values on a single record using a flow loop element?

Ok, this should be simple but I just can't figure it out. 
  1. I have a multi-select picklist that lists out all active users. Easily accomplished via a dynamic choice that retrieves the user name and ID.
  2. I need to pass the selected user names to a variable collection so I can lookup their ID. 
    1. I realize that this ID already exists in my dynamic choice but I can't figure out how to get the picklist to return that value instead. If this can be done please let me know. 
  3. Lookup ID using Name. 
  4. I then use this ID for creation of multiple records on multiple objects. 
I cannot figure out how to get the selected "Screen Multi-Select Fields" values to pass into a collection. 

Can anyone help me with this? 
I have a flow where I tried to add the multiselect picklist values to a collection variable but this simply added all values as one value (e.g. "x;y;z" rather than "x";"y";"z". How do I add these as individual values to the collection so that I can use them in a loop? 
  • October 30, 2014
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