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Hi ,
want to send an email with Pdf attachement using Single Email Message.
for generating pdf either one is ok.
  1. i have Doc file and want to convert this doc to and pdf and need to sent an email.if we blob.toPdf then css is missing.
2. Am trying to show the doc file in Vf page .Int this case css is missing.
 want to send the same doc files as pdf attachment.
Can any one please help me on this.Thanks in advance
Hello, I tried to use a calendar component I found on the internet. I have some errors with it, that I cant solve. Could you try it out and tell me what to change?.

Greetings Jonathan

<apex:page controller="repeatCont" id="thePage" >
<apex:stylesheet value="/sCSS/Theme2/default/homeCalendar.css" />
<apex:form id="theForm">
<apex:outputPanel id="theCalendar" >
<div class="mCalendar" style="width:182px;" >
<div class="topLeft" >
<div class="topRight"/>
<div class="body">
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0">
<tr class="header">
<td><apex:commandLink action="{!prev}" rerender="theCalendar">
<img title="Previous Month" class="prevCalArrow" alt="Previous Month" src="/s.gif" />
<td colspan="5" >
{!month.monthname} {!month.yearname}
<td><apex:commandLink action="{!next}" rerender="theCalendar">
<img title="Next Month" class="nextCalArrow" alt="Next Month" src="/s.gif" />
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Sun</th>
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Mon</th>
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Tue</th>
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Wed</th>
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Thu</th>
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Fri</th>
<th scope="col" class="calDays">Sat</th>
<apex:repeat value="{!weeks}" var="wk" id="foreachWeek">
<tr class="days">
<!-- or highlight -->
<apex:repeat value="{!wk.days}" var="day" id="foreachday">
<td valign="top">
<a class="calActive" href="/00U/c—md0=2008&md3={!day.dayOfYear}" target="_blank"
title="Day View - {!day.date}"> {!day.dayofmonth2}
<div class="bottomLeft"><div class="bottomRight"/></div>


public class repeatCont {
public void next() {
public void prev() {
public repeatCont() {
Date d = system.today(); // default to today
Integer mo = d.month();
String m_param = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('mo');
String y_param = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('yr');
// allow a month to be passed in on the url as mo=10
if (m_param != null) {
Integer mi = Integer.valueOf(m_param);
if (mi > 0 && mi <= 12) {
d = Date.newInstance(d.year(),mi,d.day());
// and year as yr=2008
if (y_param != null) {
Integer yr = Integer.valueOf(y_param);
d = Date.newInstance(yr, d.month(), d.day());
public List<Month.Week> getWeeks() {
system.assert(month!=null,'month is null');
return month.getWeeks();
public Month getMonth() { return month; }

private void setMonth(Date d) {
month = new Month(d);
system.assert(month != null);
Date[] da = month.getValidDateRange(); // gather events that fall in this month
events = [ select id,subject,description,activitydate,activitydatetime,DurationInMinutes from Event where activitydate >= :da[0] AND activityDate <= :da[1]
order by activitydatetime];
month.setEvents(events); // merge those events into the month class
private void addMonth(Integer val) {
Date d = month.getFirstDate();
d = d.addMonths(val);
private List<Event> events;
private Month month;

public class eventItem {
public Event ev;
public String formatedDate; 
public eventItem(Event e) { 
    ev= e;
    Datetime endd = e.activitydatetime.addMinutes(e.DurationInMinutes);
            formatedDate = e.activitydatetime.format('h:mm a') + 
    ' - ' + endd.format('h:mm a');
public Event getEv() { return ev; }
public String getFormatedDate() { return formatedDate; }
public class Month {
private List<Week> weeks; 
public Date firstDate; 
private Date upperLeft; 

public List<Date> getValidDateRange() { 
    List<Date> ret = new List<Date>();
    ret.add(upperLeft.addDays(5*7) );
    return ret;

public String getMonthName() { 
    return DateTime.newInstance(firstDate.year(),firstdate.month(),firstdate.day()).format('MMMM');

public String getYearName() { 
    return DateTime.newInstance(

public String[] getWeekdayNames() { 
    Date today = system.today().toStartOfWeek();
    DateTime dt = DateTime.newInstanceGmt(today.year(),today.month(),today.day());      
    list<String> ret = new list<String>();
    for(Integer i = 0; i < 7;i++) { 
        ret.add( dt.formatgmt('EEEE') );
        dt= dt.addDays(1);
    return ret;

public Date getfirstDate() { return firstDate; } 

public Month( Date value ) {
    weeks = new List<Week>();
    firstDate = value.toStartOfMonth();
    upperLeft = firstDate.toStartOfWeek();
    Date tmp = upperLeft;
    for (Integer i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
        Week w = new Week(i+1,tmp,value.month());   
        this.weeks.add( w );
        tmp = tmp.addDays(7);


public void setEvents(List<Event> ev) { 
    for(Event e:ev) { 
        for(Week w:weeks) { 
            for(Day c: w.getDays() ) { 
                if ( e.ActivityDate.isSameDay(c.theDate))  { 
                    // add this event to this calendar date
                    c.eventsToday.add(new EventItem(e));
                    // add only three events, then a More... label if there are more

public List<Week> getWeeks() { 
    system.assert(weeks!=null,'could not create weeks list');
    return this.weeks; 

public class Week {
 public List<Day> days;
 public Integer weekNumber; 
 public Date startingDate; 

 public List<Day> getDays() { return this.days; }

 public Week () { 
    days = new List<Day>();     
 public Week(Integer value,Date sunday,Integer month) { 
    weekNumber = value;
    startingDate = sunday;
    Date tmp = startingDate;
    for (Integer i = 0; i < 7; i++) {
        Day d = new Day( tmp,month ); 
        tmp = tmp.addDays(1);
        d.dayOfWeek = i+1;          

 public Integer getWeekNumber() { return this.weekNumber;}
 public Date getStartingDate() { return this.startingDate;}


public class Day {

    public Date         theDate;
    public List<EventItem>  eventsToday; 
    public Integer      month, dayOfWeek;
    public String       formatedDate;  
    private String      cssclass = 'calActive';

    public Date         getDate() { return theDate; }
    public Integer      getDayOfMonth() { return theDate.day(); }
    public String       getDayOfMonth2() { 
        if ( theDate.day() <= 9 ) 
            return '0'+theDate.day(); 
        return String.valueof( theDate.day()); 
    public Integer getDayOfYear() { return theDate.dayOfYear(); }
    public List<EventItem>  getDayAgenda() { return eventsToday; }
    public String       getFormatedDate() { return formatedDate; }
    public Integer      getDayNumber() { return dayOfWeek; }
    public List<EventItem>  getEventsToday() { return eventsToday; }
    public String       getCSSName() {  return cssclass; }

    public Day(Date value,Integer vmonth) { 
        theDate=value; month=vmonth;        
        formatedDate = '12 21 08';// time range..
        //9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
        eventsToday = new List<EventItem>();  
        // three possible Inactive,Today,Active  
        if ( theDate.daysBetween(System.today()) == 0 ) cssclass ='calToday';
        // define inactive, is the date in the month?
        if ( theDate.month() != month) cssclass = 'calInactive';

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