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Hello ;
Please I want to :
1-when a call from a customer is answered, the customer file will open up in Salesforce – if that is not possible, open up when the call is incoming
for every customer call, the call is logged (start, duration, optionally some comment) to the customer account in Salesforce
2-when a customer calls, the customer service sees the name of the customer account (as stored in Salesforce)
3-when an internal number calls, we see the internal name (so the starface addressbook is still intact)

i use STARFACE UCI java (https://www.starface.de/de/Solutions/integration/interfaces.php) code but i didn't know how I can include it in salesforce any help, please ?

Hi all. I'm very new to the CTI theme so please excuse me if the question is stupid.

I'm trying to understand how a random telephony system becomes able to communicate with a browser directly. I just don't get it. SalesForce claims that no CTI adapters needed anymore. OK.

Suppose I have an asterisk (3com, panasonic, whatever...) telephony system. Here goes incoming call. What happens next? Can it really send a message to browser (via websockets or what) ?

I doubt that telephony systems can "talk" JS even if there is an active connection from browser to the telephony system somehow. So I guess that there still must be a CTI adapter (middleware), that can talk to telephony system with some TAPI AND can talk to browser with JS through websockets for instanse. And that middleware should be written by me. But the benefit of such an adapter that it doesn't need to be installed at any agent's computer but can be hosted at a server. Right?

I just don't get it how can it work without any middleware and I can't find any explanation on theinternet.


  • May 29, 2013
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