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If anyone gets this error message: "The dashboard configuration that allows users to see only their own data is incorrect"...
error message

The solution is to check The Dashboard Viewer radio button in the dashboard settings--in the "View Dashboard As" section.

We have an existing class that uses the Test.isRunningTest() method.  Today we tried making changes to that class (completely unrelated to the isRunningTestMethod) and weren't able to save it because of a "method doesn't exist or incorrect signature" error on that method.  Did something change with the Winter 12 release where we can no longer use this in code?  If so, is there something replacing this functionality?  If we should still be able to use it, any thoughts on why we are receiving this error now?

Save error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: Test.isRunningTest()

  • October 27, 2011
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Hi All,


I hope this is a simple problem and I'm just missing something.


I am trying to build a controller extension that saves a VF form page details and then reloads the same page.


This should be straight forward but when I try and use the documented way to do this, the data is saved and the return page is the page I wanted, but along with it the URL of the page , a long string of test has been appended to the end, the apex seems to be wanting to map the details of the fields on the page when it reloads.


This in itself would not a problem, but some users are getting an authentication error when the page reloads, and i assume this has something to do with it.


Any help would be great.


Thanks all