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I am the SFDC admin for Virtru, inc.  We are looking for an experienced Salesforce Dev to partner with our product team to incorprate our technology (encryption) into Salesforce.  

Please contact me if interested.  My product team has described the requirements as:

1. Deep SF Lightening and Platform Custom Development Experience:  Direct custom component development with experience with backend compute and API integration.
2. Strong front-end framework experience:  Will be utilizing a Javascript and Node.js SDK to directly integrate into SF components.  Requires understanding of the SF security model to overcome cross-site obstacles. 
3. SF Data Storage:  Experience with how SF stores native and custom data objects and how that can be extended by 3rd parties to modify/transform the data as its being stored and retrieved
4. SF Data Sharing:  Experience with how SF exports and shares(e.g. emails) data out of and into SF and how 3rd parties can modify/transform the data as its being shared
5. SF Identity and Access Control:  Experience with integrating 3rd party platforms and aligning identity via SSO.  Experience with SF Access Control and Event system to allow for alignment of access control with 3rd party systems.
6. SF Reporting:  Experience with utilizing 3rd party data feeds to create actionable reports and dashboard in SF