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Hello All,
Have an interesting issue.  I need to get the max date from a list of child records but the result needs to be based on an order.

I have Test record 1
It has child records

E 07/02/2021
C 05/22/2022
B 03/05/2021
D 06/02/2020
B 03/05/2019
F 01/01/2021

Now the max date of teh child records is C 05/22/2022.
But I need to get the max date based on an order.
The Order is A,B,C,D,E,F
And since there is a B record I need to get B 03/05/2021 since this is the max date for the B records.

If there was an 'A' record I would have neede to get the 'A' record even if the date value was not the max within all of of the child records.

Any suggestion is appreciated.