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Hello everyone,

First post here...  I need some assistance with updating a set of custom fields on the Contact object when one custom field is changed on the Contact object.  When the Degree Program field is updated, I want to use a trigger to update other related fields such as Degree Level, College, School, etc.  Basically,

Controlling field is Application_Program__c, a picklist field.  If Application_Program__c changes to value xxx, change the following fields to:

Picklist_Field_2__c change to aaa
Picklist_Field_3__c change to bbb
Picklist_Field_4__c change to ccc
Picklist_Field_5__c change to ddd
Picklist_Field_6__c change to eee
Picklist_Field_7__c change to fff
Picklist_Field_8__c change to ggg
Picklist_Field_9__c change to hhh
Text_Field_1__c change to abcdefg

I'm not a developer, I don't know Apex, and Process Builder is limiting me here.  I work in Higher Education, and we use the Contact object in Salesforce for a lot.  We have over 200 degree programs we've offered over the years, so I've had to split up that 200 into 10 different Process Builders to try to keep the editing time within Process Builder to a minimum.  Even still, it takes me 3 minutes of system processing time of Salesforce spinning and thinking to make a change in any of these Processes.  I'm concerned not just about the processing time to edit Process Builders, but to have them fire consistently and successfully when its 10 different Process Builders firing simultaneously, looking at the same field, and affecting other automations and operations.

Thanks in advance!