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Hi Trailblazers,
I faced an issue while giving the salesforce admin exam on 14th Feb 2022. For some reason after 2 questions exam paused screen showed up. Currently trying to contact the support team but no one is available for me it has been more than 5-6 hours now. I am super frustrated with the system not sure if it happened to anybody else. The exam is still is in progress and I had to close it as no support came up during the exam. 
Please suggest what can we do in this case to resume?
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Some Suggest me adm-201 exam material (https://dumpsgate.com/dumps/adm-201-exam/) is it valid or not need your suggestions? or anyone use this?
I want to develop a lightning component for collecting salesforce dumps so that selective people can use. So is it allowed or not?
If you are looking for ADM-201 exam Practice Dumps, then you must try ExamsGeek (https://www.examsgeek.com/adm-201-exam-questions.html) exam Dumps. Their Dumps are offered in two easy formats, PDF and Practice exam. Both the formats are meant to make your ADM-201 certified professional. The best thing about the ADM-201 Exam Preparation Dumps is you will not be at risk of losing the investment, because they secured your investments with their 100% Money-Back policy.
hi team, can anyone help me, tomorrow i am go to take test on admin 201 . if any one dumps for su19 please share to me it would be help full .
Hi Everyone,

I need PD1 certification dumps,Please share who had completed recently for PD1 certification.

Thank you!!
Hi All,
Have done trailhead now and looking for latest dumps to prepare for Admin and Dev certification.Please share if you have
I am scheduled to take my adm exam on July 2nd. I am VERY nervous as I am new to Salesforce. I have taken online course, completed quite a few trailhead trails/modules, and have taken a lot of practice exams. Any tips/words of encouragement? :)
Just failed my Admin 201 test. I'm so angry and frustrated. I took a ton of practice tests and did well on them. The actual test was nothing like the practice test. The actual test was ridiculously vague.  Anyway, does anyone know where I can find practice tests that are actually up-to-date? Any suggestions on how to study that doesn't cost a billion dollars? I'm just super frustrated and angry right now. Thanks for the help. 
HI , I have done online trainings and completed the salesforce admin and devloper challenges. Looking forward for the salesforce devloper certification . Please guide and help me on this to get certified . Please sahre brief details on the kinds of certifications and which certifications i should do or best suite now . Please also share some documents or dumps or links . 
Please also give some value tips oon this to clear the exam.

Thanks ,
Praveen 9941666696
Hi I would like to write Administrator Certification. Could you please help me to get the dumps for the exam. Thanks
Hi All,

I am planning to appear for "Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I" in next month, as this certificate is new so i am not getting any dumps from online blogs or sites.If any one have appear or have dumps please share with me .
You can email me at :  hemalipatel.patel@gmail.com

Hi all,


I'm a Salesforce developer with 2 years of experience. Recently i've decided to give my certification. I have found that even after 2 years of experience i find many questions in dumps difficult to answer.


Is creating the Recruitment app essential to crack the exam?  I also found I need to memorise  a lot of numerical data related to salesforce Limits.


My friend suggested that going through all of the dumps available is enough to crack the exam. Is it enough if i go through all the available dumps and learn the ones i couldnt answer ?


Please let me know as i'm deciding to give the exam by next week.


I want dump question in Salesforce Administration Certification.

Can anyone tel me how to prepare for Admin exam ,and pattern of questions .thanks in advance