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I'm trying to upload opportunitylineitems but I keep getting the field integrity exception error. I am not sure which field is erroring. I'm uploading opportunity id, pricebookentry id, total price, unit price, quantity. I think I'm misunderstanding the pricebookentry structure. But why might I be getting this error? Thanks for the help


We need someone to build a very simple
1. Login
2. Insert
3. Update
4. Delete 

using the latest SalesForce.com API (sforce.com) in ASP.Net! Only providers with SalesForce.com API experience are requested to BID! This is an internal projects and the budget is not more than $250 for all the above features.

I tried accessing the user entity with all fields from a describe call. 3 fields I am getting "INVALID_FIELD: Invalid name" error for: UserPermissionsMarketingUser, UserPermissionsOfflineUser, UserPermissionsWirelessUser

Is their anyway to know that these fields are inaccessible after doing a describe on the user entity?