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Is it possible to login through sforce then jump to a page within saleforce itself?

I've been asked to place the View Cases page in a frame within our own secure admin area. 

This I find very strange.

I am doing a simple query for all Cases by SuppliedEmail. If I hard-code a known email address into the query string results are returned successfully, like this:

string queryStr="Select Description, ContactId, Id From Case Where SuppliedEmail = 'hf@feistworks.com'";
salesForce.sforce.QueryResult qr = binding.query(queryStr);

but if I use a variable in the query like this the query returns no results at all:

string queryStr="Select Description, ContactId, Id From Case Where SuppliedEmail = '" + email + "'";

Both strings look the same when I verify the email variable by Response.Write("queryStr="+queryStr);

I am baffled!

Hi, firstly let me say that i have been thrown in at the deep end by my boss and given a task that i dont have a clue how to complete!! any help would be great!

The task is to create a procedure that allows me to enter oppurtunities into our salesforce database using vb.net script. I've looked all around for examples of how to do this, but cant find anything that could help. I'm a complete first timer when it comes to anything like this and i dont have a clue what i'm doing.

Is there anyone who could help me by giving me a sample procedure that enters an opportunity?



This might be a really stupid question but how do I use the WSDL generated by Salesforce.com (From the generate screen in setup)?

I have many custom fields which I need access to but so far I have had no luck in adding the WSDL to my VB.NET project.

It would be great if someone could give me a little idiots guide?


Many Thanks, JT

Hi -

I am just getting started with ASP.net and Salesforce.  I am trying to convert the vb quickstart example to an asp.net website, but  I am having a lot of trouble with this.  I have experience with ASP/sql programming, but I am new to ASP.net, so this is a rather daunting experiment for me.  

My end goal is to have a web application for generating custom reports online through salesforce.  I am currently doing this by reading out of tables created through an old xml-rpc client written by someone else in my organization.  This is limited because the reports are only as up to date as the tables that are stored locally.     

Has anyone been able to convert this to ASP.net?  Are there any examples of a login or anything like that out there?  Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.  I know that the vb.net example should be good enough, but I am interested in a web application and not a console application. 

If I could get to the point where I could use the classes in an .aspx file I think I would be fine from there.  I'm not sure I was specific enough with my question, but I think thats as good as its going to get for now.

Thanks in advance.

  • March 09, 2004
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Hi there,

I've some questions regarding login to salesforce / sforce. Perhaps somebody can throw some light on it?

We want to use WIL to extend salesforce. The WIL will link to ASP.NET pages which came from our internal web server. On those pages we have to display data from some of our databases and also data from salesforce. First question: I think I have to use the sforce API to access the salesforce data from my web page. As I'm already logged in in salesforce, do I have to log in again using the sforce API functions? Or is there another way, perhaps using the session ID from salesforce, which could be passed in the WIL?

Second question: If I want to do it the other way round, creating a 'login page' which logs me in using the sforce API, is it possible to pass credentials to salesforce, so that the user doesn't need to log in again?


If those are really trivial questions, I'd be glad if somebody could point me to the right documents, where I could find answers ;-)

Thx for your help!



  • October 10, 2003
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