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I need to generate a typical report on all contacts that have never had any activities (no Cases, no Opportunities, no Emails, and no Events) the last 2 years. Means idle contacts need to be retrieved and same thing for account.

 Challenges are,

Reports on lot of objects which is tackled by custom report types which allows such a way like contact-> case/opportunity –> activity.

  1. I need to capture date/time stamp of most recent case, in case of activity “Last activity” help us.
  2. Also need to avid duplicates caused by one to many relationship(Contacts-Case)

 There is any field in case like "Last activity" in activity.

Has anyone else noticed any problem reporting on case comments since the 07 Release? 
1. When you delete a comment it still shows up on a report.
2. We are unable to pull reports by comments created date or last modified. The reports are skewed.
  • February 07, 2007
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What functionality of a Case cannot be recreated in a Custom Object?

I'm considering migrating some of our Case Record Types to Custom Objects because of limitations on history tracking, long text fields and just general management. I've been trying to evaluate what I stand to lose in doing so, or at least what would be signifigantly more time-consuming to replicate.

Off the bat, Support Processes. It seems to me a history tracked picklist would provide the same capabilities. Would Durations still be available in History Reports?

Auto-Response, Escalation and Assignment Rules: We don't use these for all Cases, so they won't be missed.

Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case: Maybe someone out there knows how to replicate these. I don't. But then again, don't need them for all Cases.

Since the Case Record Types I'm considering migrating are used internally only and don't get passed around as much, it seems like a safe migration.

I'd love to get other admins' opinions on what makes a Case a Case....


I need to create a large group of self-service users and set their passwords to the same value
I don't want them to receive the auto email from salesforce.com but want to notify them myself of their username and password.
I know setPassword can do it but don't know how to invoke it - I usually make all my changes via Demand Tools.
I'm not a web developer and need step-by-step instructions so I can pass on the details to the webmaster.
thanks in advance,
  • July 31, 2006
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My manager has a hard time believing that this cant be done with basic configuration but after talking to a gold support representative I got the idea that it cannot be done.
All I need done is have an email template be sent out automatically to the email address of a Case contact after an agent resolves his a case. It seems that this would be a basic feature and I hope I am wrong when I got the impression that it can not be done.
I tried setting up an auto response rule, but I was told those are only for automated web-to-case and email to case. Then I tried to set up a work flow rule/alert so that when I close a case an email is send out. However, for the 'workflow alert recipient' they do not let you pick the case contact email. I do not see why this would not be an option considering that you can pick record owner or record creator as an option.
I would appreciate a confirmation that "an automatic email to contact on case close" in fact can't be done, and I would greatly appreciate if some one would tell me how this could be done.
Thank you.