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I am following an Account and want to be notified whenever a new Opportunity is created for that account.  Is that available out of the box with Chatter?  It seems somewhat obvious but I can't find an FAQ or discussion board entry on it.


If this is not available today, would an apex Trigger be the way to create such functionality?

As stated in the Apex Code Developer's Guide, governors and limits section, there is a limit to the number of "@Future" method calls: "Salesforce.com also imposes an organization-wide limit of 200 method calls with the future annotation per license per 24 hours."


Also, as stated elsewhere (though I don't have an immediate reference), callouts performed by a Trigger must be done using an @Future method call.



1) Am I correct in understanding that if trigger-based callouts are desired, there is therefore a limit of 200 callout notifications per 24 hours?


2) Can someone clarify if this is 200 callouts executed by any single individual user license?  Or is it similar to other limits where, for example, if there are 20 licensed users in the Org, the actual limit is 20*200 = 4000 (per 24 hours)?


3) I may be mis-using the intended purpose of triggers and callouts, but my intention is to notify an external server when critical changes are made to a particular object.  Given such changes may occur based on end-user browser actions., it's possible that 200 separate changes are made in one day.  If I am interpreting the above limits correctly, the 200 value seems fairly low, relative to the other Governor limits.

- Am I mis-using the intended purpose of trigger-based callouts?

- Is there a better method of scheduling such callouts?  (I could bulkify the callout to provide notice of multiple changes at once, but that doesn't work for 200 individual end-user changes.)



I scoured the message boards and don't see anyone else who has run into this.  I'm thinking it's a bug, although not a terribly detrimental one.


I have a "without sharing" class that needs to know if the current user has access to a list of records.  So it uses a separate "with sharing" class to figure it out... works well.  Then to take it one step further and see if they have access to edit you have to get creative, and the knowledge in this forum told me the only way is to attempt an update, see which records failed and then do a rollback to a savepoint... this too works well, woohoo.


The weird thing, is that the records that are updated in this check will then show up in the users recent items.  I could see how maybe this is a good thing if the records were actually updated... but they weren't the change was rolled back.  I guess it's a bug.. thoughts?