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Any idea why I might be getting the EMAIL_TO_CASE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. According to the documentation, the limit is 2500 email cases per day. I appear to be getting this exception with email batches as small as 20. We never create more than 100 email to cases per day.

Any suggestions???
  • January 18, 2006
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Hmm, so here's my problem:

When a self service user comes into my client's customer portal, then I need to display all of the cases that are related to that user's account. My problem is performance. Here's the specific scenario:

SS logs in, I get their contact id and account id. Store it in the session.

The user hits the cases page. Cases are connected to accounts by ContactId. So I take the Account Id and grab all the contacts for an account. There are like 500 contacts for some of these guys. I then proceed to send off a whole bunch of API calls for each contactId. I pursued adding a whole bunch of "or ContactId='00000000AAA'" clauses to the end of the SOQL statement, and that helped alot, although, you have to know your SOQL query size limits and plan accordingly.

What I really wanted to be able to do is this this, though:

FROM Case c
INNER JOIN Contact con ON con.ContactId = c.Id
INNER JOIN Account acct ON c.AccountId = acct.Id
WHERE acct.Id = 'UsersAccountId'

I know I can do this with dbamp (via a linked server) and the openaccess data provider (though it's $999 for my Win 2k3 server). What I want to know is can I just as easily work with the objects in the Sforce Office Toolkit?

I'm not really familiar with toolkit, but when I play around with it in VB.Net, I get a lot of 'Cannot be indexed because of no default property' errors. I'm starting to give up trying to find the right syntax. I guess I could also create a vb object, wrap everything up and set my default properties, but it seems there should be an easier way. Am I missing something here?



We are seeing some strange behaviour with the email2case tool. The tool generally works well (apart from my previous post ) however we are getting some tickets being raised with no ticket origin set. and because of this it means that the auto response is not happening.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any thoughts on where to start looking? should I turn up the logging if so how?



  • September 08, 2005
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Hello, we have started using the email2case tool in anger today (read - gone live).

We have faced an unexpected (but understandable) problem. If a user submits an email with the images embeded in the mail then it breaks the email2case. This scenario means that the image does not have a filename and so the parser has a problem with the null filename. it does not save it out or do anything at all except throw an exception. it will continue to do so until the email is moved out.

The problem has been described by others as I believe its the nullpointerexception in the getfilename method.


Has anyone found this specific problem? more interestingly has anyone else found a fix for this or modified the code such that it handles the error better?

I am not a java programmer but am quite okay with a PC  so anything anyone has to offer would be great.

Many thanks for you time


  • September 07, 2005
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