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Looking for a certified Salesforce.com Administrator for immediate placement.  Location is open.


Must have strong communication and customer service skills and experience working with large Salesforce.com implementations.  Experience with formal release and change management is a plus.


Please send resumes to heathertalerico@gmail.com.


I have been doing this with reports for quite a while, and recently tried to do this with views with no success.

Here is my URL:


I also tried this which also did not work:


I am using Ajax to pull a list of Users for a particular region and then I am trying to pass in the Owner Alias of the user they select into a view. I can see the alias in the URL but it does not seem to be passing the value into the view criteria.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



I was wondering if it was possible to pass an "override" parameter to a report through a weblink.  For example:

I'd like to create a web link on the Account Tab that runs a report that displays all opportunities for that Account.  To do this, I'd have to pass the Account Number as a merge field to the report, and have the report utilize it. 

If anyone has done something like this, please let me know!


Jon Keener