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Apprivo is recognized as a leading salesforce.com implementation partner with a growing presence in both small/medium and global organizations. Apprivo is expanding our consulting practice with professionals that have experience with either salesforce.com implementation consulting or CRM consulting. We're looking for people with world-class skills with a preference for a fast paced, entrepreneurial, start up environment who want to take their career to the next level.  


Apprivo offers an aggressive compensation package and awards top performers with ability to earn base salary plus percentage of billable hours.


The Senior Consultant role requires the ability to build strong client relations, understand customer requirements and business processes, and a proven ability to create and deliver CRM solutions that meet customer needs.


Apprivo is based in downtown San Francisco at One Market, conveniently located to salesforce.com, local transportation, and the Ferry Building. Minimal travel is required.



·         Manage implementation projects from post sale to post go-live

·         Manage resource requirements on each project

·         Write customer deliverables and implementation plans

·         Provide customer training as required

·         Configure Salesforce.com

·         Attain or exceed billable utilization target


General Skill Requirements

·         Experience in customer consulting, through setting, managing, and delivering on customer expectations

·         Strong analytical, problem solving, client relationship, and communication skills

·         Experience and familiarity with CRM/salesforce.com software implementation methodologies and tools

·         Experience in analyzing and documenting customer business processes and conducting gap analysis between packaged application functionality and customized solutions

·         Excellent leadership, communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills

·         University degree or equivalent relevant experience.



CRM Experience

·         2-5 years experience in a consulting role

·         2-5 years experience managing complex CRM projects and interacting with stakeholders from technical and business disciplines

·         Understanding of the full spectrum of CRM planning including: lead generation, customer analytics, sales planning, channel and partner management, closed loop marketing and sales effectiveness measurement


To apply visit Apprivo at www.apprivo.com/company_careers.asp


Salesforce.com Senior Application Developer


Apprivo is recognized as a leading Salesforce.com partner that delivers implementation, consulting and development services to Salesforce.com customers.  We are looking for a Senior Application Developer to have a significant role in the design and development of our Salesforce.com applications.


We're looking for people with world-class skills with a preference for a fast paced, entrepreneurial, start up environment  




  • Lead design and development of Apprivo applications
  • Work with cutting edge technologies
  • Build integrations, scontrols, and custom developed applications using the Salesforce.com API
  • Configure Salesforce.com implementation
  • Manage multiple concurrent projects and meet tight deadlines



  • Smart, quick learner with a passion for delivering innovative new products  
  • Significant Salesforce.com experience, ideally Salesforce certified/ trained
  • Strong technical design skills
  • Customer service skills with a proven ability to work directly with customers
  • Technical skills: JSP and/ or ASP, Java, HTML and style sheets
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn Apex programming language
  • Outstanding communication skills with a proven track record for effectively communicating technical ideas 


Future growth opportunities are limited only by the desire and skills of the individual.


If you are interested in this position please send a resume to jobs@apprivo.com


About Apprivo


Apprivo provides a range of Salesforce implementation, customization, and development services. Apprivo has implemented a large number of a Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions and delivers a suite of packaged PRM capabilities. Apprivo’s client base includes Fortune 100 customers as well as mid-market companies across industries.  


For more information go to www.apprivo.com


 If you are interested in this position please send a resume to jobs@apprivo.com

 Apprivo is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Message Edited by Apprivo on 12-05-2006 07:52 AM

I am trying to copy an attachment from one account to the other in Apex Code and receive the following compilation error: "Data type not supported".

I highlighted the line of code that generated the error. It lookslike Apex Code does not support the .Body datatype. Is there anyway to insert an Attachment in Apex?

Here is the snippet of my code:

for (Attachment attachmentSource : [Select Body, ContentType, IsPrivate, Name from Attachment where ParentId = :a.Clone_From_ID__c])
Attachment attachmentTarget = new Attachment();

attachmentTarget.ParentId = a.Id;
attachmentTarget.OwnerId = a.OwnerId; //assign same owner as parent account

attachmentTarget.Body = attachmentSource.Body;
attachmentTarget.ContentType = attachmentSource.ContentType;
attachmentTarget.IsPrivate = attachmentSource.IsPrivate;
attachmentTarget.Name = attachmentSource.Name;



  • July 19, 2007
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   I need to identify cases that have particular status and make them distinct from other cases (red text or read background based on status).  Is there any way to customize the view-grid of cases?

  • September 28, 2006
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I've got an app for a shipping company. In the custom contract HTML email template i've made, we need to capture data about a partner (name, email , fax and phone number).
The partner details comes from a standard associated list under opportunitues, as do the quotation details (the custom object from which i'm sending out the email)
The hierachy looks like this:
How can i capture data from both the partner and quotation objects?
I've so far not used any real programming to customize salesforce, so please, if you can, give me a newbie answer
Best regards
  • September 27, 2006
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We are two friends doing freelance sfdc s-control developments during weekend.
We are having multiple years of programming experience(over 10 years) and more than an year's expeirence on SFDC-Implementations and S-Controls.
We have implemented S-Controls for large clients(using AJAX Toolkit) and one of us had been a consultant to Salesforce professional Servies Team.
We have expertise on uploading data from Exel Sheets to SFDC. We can fix bugs in any of the existing S-Controls and enhance them.
We can develop s-controls for your requirements at a cheaper price. If you are interested please reply back.
Jay & Tesh
  • September 08, 2006
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I am not sure what just happened there but here is my question..probably a very easy question but I am new to javascript. I have an scontrol written in javascript and I am getting the value from a date field this way:
var OpptyCloseDate = {!Opportunity_Renewal_Close_Date};
I am then trying to put this variable into a the Close Date of a newly created oppty...using this:
 newoppty.set("CloseDate", OpptyCloseDate);
What am I missing? I am getting an error. SUrely I need to do something with the dates I just have no idea what!

Message Edited by sgorema on 08-30-2006 12:19 PM

Wanted tutor to teach Salesforce Admin and Programming. Already know .Net and Database programming. Reply with details/rates or number to call.
  • August 28, 2006
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I am relatively new to s-controls.  I need to send an email to a number of records of a custom object using one of several templates (that contain merge fields from the custom object). The template will be determined by certain fields returned (via query or retrieve) on each record along with the email address. Can someone please point me to documents or better yet examples how that is accomplished?

Thanks in advance,
  • August 12, 2006
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Hello.  I need to write an S-Control to copy the contents of a custom phone number field in a Contact record to the standard Home Phone field in the same Contact record.  (I have a custom Home Phone field in Leads and it won't feed into the standard Home Phone in Contact during the conversion.)

I have general programming experience with VBA, T-SQL, and tiny bit of Ruby, but I don't know where to start with S-Controls.  Can anyone point me to S-Control sample code that does this kind of copy function?

I created two custom objects called 'Parts' and 'Purchase orders'. Parts includes part code and unit cost.
I created lookup field part code in purchase order. when I select partcode in purchase order I want to bring unit cost from the parts object as a field (editable or display). I didn't find a way to do that. Any help?
  • August 04, 2006
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I have the following requirement.
Using an S-Control(devloped with AJAX and javascript), users will be inserting records into a custom object. Notification Flag is one of the fields in the custom object.
Whenever a new record is created into this object with the Notification Flag check box checked, I have to send an email to two users(these user ids can be part of the cusom object).
I know how to create workflow alerts, workflow rules, email templates etc., but in all these the recipients have to be a member of a public group or profile etc.,
In this scenario, any user, selected (stored in to the custom obeject) is a recipient.
So My question is, Is there a way to dynamically decide the recipient of an email?
Is there anyway that I can customize the home page of a standard object, say Accounts home page. My requirememt is to add a custom link "Creare New Account" ponting to a S-Control somewhere on the accounts home page so that user uses this link instead of the standard add account button. From what I could find in forum postings and docs, only the Home page sidebar is customizable. Is there some way/ hack that can help me do this?
Thanks in advance,

Message Edited by Blaxxun on 07-31-2006 02:52 PM

I have two custom objects, Meeting and Attendee, related with a link object, Attendance.
Meeting is the "master" and Attendance the "detail", with a lookup relationship to Attendee.
Attendee has "First Name" and "Last Name" fields that I want to appear in the Attendance
related list under a Meeting. However, in the Attendance page layout under Meeting,
I can only choose the Attendee "Name" standard field, which is an auto number.
I need to have separate first and last names for Attendee, and want to avoid putting
Attendee in the "detail" just so I can see the Attendee's first and last name in the related
list under Meeting. An Attendee can go to several meetings, so it's a many to many

What am I missing, or is this a limitation of using link objects?

Need to set up the Java Partner Portal on a shared host.
Start-up needs a short-term consultant with lengthy experience helping companies customize and tailor SalesForce to their exact needs. We have already implemented SalesForce, but need an expert who can seamlessly and affordably customize it for our needs.

Please feel free to send an email and resume (included in the body of your email), with relevant SalesForce customization experience and years of experience. Note: We do not need an administrator to create new contact/accounts or reports, rather a programmer or analyst to tweak Salesforce on the backend.
  • May 09, 2006
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We are a small startup looking for an experienced developer who is familiar with the SalesForce "Email to Case" functionality to set this up on our servers.

More on SF's "Email to case" tool:

These are our basic requirements:
1. Every new customer support email comes to support@ourcompany.com
2. Each new customer support email should [attempt to] match to a SalesForce contact (all of our customers are upserted into SF as contacts daily), and create a new case against that contact.
3. Our customer support team would respond to emails from within SF, and replies to those responses (which also come to support@ourcompany.com) would get filed against the original SF case number.

We're looking for someone who:
1. Is local to San Francisco (please no offshore or remote inquiries).
2. Can start ASAP
3. Can do this in a short time period (a few hours/days)
4. Has experience doing this in the past

Please send your qualifications, availability, and hourly billing rate to the address above. If there's a good fit, we may consider you for future work.

  • May 08, 2006
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I suspect this isn't possible--has anyone been able to get carriage returns into a text formula field? I tried to pass <br/>, but not surprisingly I got the text "<br/>" back.

I want to list a few hyperlinks in one formula field to clean up my UI.