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Does anyone have first hand experience with displaying behind the firewall applications in a VF iframe? - e.g. parent frame contains a customer account id in ntaive SFDC object and passes to an iframe that calls the internal billing system.


What are the Pros/ Cons from a performance, security, and UI design standpoint?


Thanks in advance for your feedback

On the Lead object we capture more than one name - e.g. admission application submitted from Web 2 Lead includes student and parent.  I'm looking for a way to create a contact for each name on the lead record.
One approach would be to reconstruct the Lead Conversion process.  But I think it would be simpler/ acceptable to have an in-line s-control placed on the Leads page (next to the second name) that would use fields on the record to create a new Contact.  Of course, it would need to first check for existing Contacts and prompt user if found.
Has anyone done/ seen a solution like this?
We use the Print Anything appexchange product to render complex quotes in html.  My users currently print to a pdf, save locally, return to the quote they launch the print from and attach the local file.  We would like to accomplish all of that from the browser with one click.
Has anyone seen or created a solution to do this?
- Thanks!
I have a Custom S-Control (Detail Page Button) which creates a record in another object and passes relationships and data fields.  I can easily pass text fields without issue and date fields also, but I am having difficulty passing Currency values from 1 currency field to another.  I have tried to pass a number into a currency and this is also not working for me.  I am attempting to run a division in the s-control on that field, dividing it by a value in another passed field. 

Am I missing something or does anyone have a suggestion for me.  The only other option I can think of is passing the 2 values independently as numbers, reconverting back to currency in formula fields and then in a final field doing the division calculation.

Any advise would be appreciated.