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I'm currently using a "round robin" case assignment method that uses the (Case Number)MOD(Number of Engineers) to determine how to assign the cases.  However, this has multiple flaws - expecially when multiple cases get assigned to one person due to them being for the same customer, then other engineers get "skipped", etc.
I want to assign cases base on how many have been assigned for that day.  For example, each engineer will have a "counter" that tracks how many cases were assigned to them that day.  Each case would get assigned to the next engineer in line that has the fewest number of cases assigned to them that day.  If there is a "tie" - meaning all engineers have been assigned the same number of cases that day, then it should default to a secondary rule which just numbers the engineers 1, 2, 3 etch.
anyone have ideas on how to accomplish this?  I just want to assign the cases equally per day accross my engineers.
Oh SalesForce Gurus....
I need to figure out a way to perform a round-robin case assignment, yet take into consideration if users are logged in or out.  If the users that is next in line to receive a case is logged out, I need to skip them and assign to the next person in the queue.  Otherwise I have to figure out a manual process to insure high priority items aren't "missed" if someone is out to lunch, out sick, on vacation - etc.  Or...I'd have to change teh assignment rule everytime someone is out - which is ridiculous.
Any creative ideas?  I only see that SalesForce tracks user "logins" and reports if the login was successful.  I don't see where it tracks someone logged out, or if they are "active".
Is there any way to store our company calendar "rules" regarding holidays, and then reference those as non work days, or non -business hours?
I know I can create a formula to determine if a specific date is a holiday for us - but that would require me to change the formula every year if I can't refer to a set of rules.
Thoughts?  Is Salesforce going to introduce any features that are more capable  of handling time of day, business hour rules, holiday rules etc?
All --
I am looking for a way that I can assign cases using a case assignment rules based on the number of cases that a support rep has open, on hold, etc, basically anything that is not closed.  I would like to assign the case to the rep with the lowest number of cases assigned to them but I cannot seem to find a count field or any way to count open cases for a user.
Any ideas?
I created 2 custom formula fields, one for calculating the case creation time as a number and one for calculating the day of the week in which the case was created.  I needed these to create assignment rules based on time of day and day of the week.
The Creation Time is calculated in Military time, because the formula I wrote to figure out the standard time was too many characters. This is the formula for a Custom Field that returns numbers with 2 decimal places:
VALUE (MID (TEXT (CreatedDate),12,2)) - 7 <= 0,
VALUE (MID (TEXT (CreatedDate),12,2)) - 7 + 24,
VALUE (MID (TEXT (CreatedDate),12,2)) - 7
)) & "." & MID (TEXT (CreatedDate),15,2))
My concern is that this formula won't be correct when we leave daylight savings time.  Any ideas how to take daylight savings into consideration? 
For the day of the week, I used I function I found somewhere on the dev network.  It looks like this:
MOD( TODAY() - DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7),
0, "Sunday",
1, "Monday",
2, "Tuesday",
3, "Wednesday",
4, "Thursday",
5, "Friday",
6, "Saturday", "Error")
I guess I'm looking for a solution to the daylight savings time problem, or a better way to create assignment rules based on day of the week and time of day.