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I have a VF page, which is embedded (as a URL s-control) in the Contact page layout.

I just want to display some fields (the point is to keep these fields read only).

How do I pass make the VF page know which record's information to display (how do I pass this info, and how do I use it in the VF page side). thanks.

Hi all...  this is my first question I am posting here.  I am new to SFDC and I hope this is a quick one.  I have a formula that I need to figure out.  I want to figure out this formula   = [(end of year date) - (expected close date)] * (Revenue Annualized/366)
So this pretty much calculates the amount of days left in the year and multiplies it by the daily Revenue...
I am sure this will be a quick one... I appreciate everyone's assistance.

In the Org I'm currently working with, they have Person-Accounts enabled.


In Person-Accounts, "email" is a valid field in the Account object.  I've been able to use the email field in Page layouts, and update the field via the standard UI -- but I am unable to query or write to the field in Apex.


Instead, I get an error message that "email" is not a recognized field for the Account object:



Is there a method for accessing the "email" field on Person-Accounts?

I'm running into problems installing Eclipse to a new laptop.  I'm using the install help from the ApexDevNet WIKI, getting stuck at Step 3 (second bullet):
3.  Add the Force.com IDE Remote Site:
  • Click "New Remote Site". The New Update Site dialog opens.
  • Set the Name to "Force.com IDE" and the URL to "http://www.adnsandbox.com/eclipsetoolkit/release", then click OK.
  • Select “Europa Discovery Site” and "Automatically select mirrors”, then click “Finish”. Eclipse will search the selected sites for the required plugins.


I never make it to the 3rd bullet ... instead I get the following error:

After the Summer'08 Release, our Support team contacted me and notified me that they were no longer getting an eMail notification when a case was added to the Tech Support Queue.
Here are some quirks about our implementation:
While we have multiple queues for different functional areas (tier 1 support, tier 2 support, engineering, etc.), we don't have the "Send Email to Members" check box enabled for these queues.  Instead, we use workflow rules to notify individuals when a new record has been added to a queue.
REASON:  When you use the "Send Email to Members" feature, every member of the queue gets an email when a case is added, when a comment is added to a case in the queue, when an attachement is added to a case in the queue, etc.  This was creating far to much spam to my users.  They just want an eMail when a case is added to the queue.  Fair enough, easy to disable and implement mail notification via workflow
Something changed in Summer'08, however, because since Saturday, we haven't been getting notified when something is added to the queue.  This is the Workflow Rule:
Evaluation Criteria: Every time a record is created or edited
Rule Criteria: (Case:Case Owner) equals "Tech Support Queue"
The idea is that whenever a case is reassigned back to the queue (Case Owner changed to "Queue: Tech Support Queue"), this would trigger the workflow rule, when then sends an eMail template.  For the past 18 months, that's been working great. 
Since Saturday, although we have assigned dozens of records to the queue, they aren't being evaluated by the workflow rule.  With some testing, we found that the workflow rule is being triggered when the record is updated, but rule criteria isn't being evaluated properly.  For instance, if I change the rule criteria to be (Case: Case Owner) equals "<my user name>", the workflow rule works when I am assigning a case back into the TSE queue.  So the trigger occurs because the record is being updated, but the evaluation is against the pre-update value of the Case Owner field.

I have a VF page, which is embedded (as a URL s-control) in the Contact page layout.

I just want to display some fields (the point is to keep these fields read only).

How do I pass make the VF page know which record's information to display (how do I pass this info, and how do I use it in the VF page side). thanks.

I have a custom object called "Maintenance Window", which includes a start date/time and end date/time for the event.  Typically these are 1-6 hour long events, but the often cross the midnight boundary.  My current project is to map these events on to a calendar -- so that a user can see all the upcoming (or historic) maintenance windows on a monthly calendar, at a glance.  The Maintenance Window detail records and Calendar need to stay in synch, so that if the start or end date/time fields on the Maintenance Window are updated, the calender will be updated to reflect this information, as well.
I've yet to decide where I'm going to map these events -- either to a public calendar in SFDC, a group calendar in Google, or a PHP calendar.  I'm leaning toward the latter, I think.  We're already copying the data over manually to a PHP calendar (it's this manual copy / data duplication that I'm looking to eliminate), and I really like the visual appearance of the PHP calendar (and the ability to control the font colors and details in the PHP Calendar). 
Still, as much as I like the PHP calendar, my preference is to keep everything in one tool -- SFDC.  Less databases / servers to maintain, yeah? 
Have any of you done something like this?  Which of these options (or something completely different) did you go with, and why?  What were your biggest pitfalls and "if I had to do it all again, I would have ..."
I ended up just creating a new object called clinical notes and related that object to the account and opportunities.
I am trying to pull products they purchased under that opportunity and populate in my new object.
Ex. Opportunity Name: "John Johnson"
Opportunity Products: "CPAP Unit", "CPAP Mask"

I'm trying to update this formula, which works fine as it is, but I want the formula to run only if the record has a certain value in a picklist field. The existing code is as follows:

IF( Days_since_last_review__c >= 120, "120 Days No Review",
IF(Days_since_last_review__c >= 90, "90 Days No Review",
IF(Days_since_last_review__c = 0, "Never Had Review", null

What I want it to do now is evaluate ISPICKVAL Contact_Status_c, "Client" to run the rest of the formula only if this is the value. I've tried several ways using AND(ISPICKVAL but I keep getting errors like missing ')' or expected 2 received 3 etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I'm guessing it's either not possible or I'm missing something extremely simple)


We're evaluating Crystal Reports and CrystalReports.com for generating reports from SF objects. I have properly installed CrystalReports.com within SF. I've downloaded and installed (separately) both CR XI (with SF Driver 3.0) and 2008 (without driver per CR's tech support) for developing reports.
When I attempt to Create New Connection/Salesforce.com, a pop-up window appears pointed to www.salesforce.com and prompting for my SF userID and password. I have several valid SF accounts. No matter which account I try, CR returns a "Login error: invalid UserID or Password."
After two hours waiting to talk to a CR tech support person, they had virtually nothing useful to say ... basically they told me to get an SAP/BO tech support account which requires submitting an application. Their forums were impossible to navigate. CR looks like a great solution, but I'm underwhelmed with their tech support.
Is anyone using CR XI or 2008 to access SF objects? If so, any suggestions/advice re: connecting to SF?
I created a section in the "Opportunity" tab called Order Book. I would like to require certain fields in this section to be *required only when we change the stage of the Opportunity to Closed Won. I'm not sure where to start with this......
I have created a custom object that is related to the "Cases" object named "case comparison"
when you select new case comparison, i set up a formula that pulls the case number.
I would like to do the same for a picklist on the case page.  I am receving an error when trying to apply the formula that asks me to use the ISPICKVAL function.  I do not want to specify a specific value, I want it to be a wildcard that automatically makes the new field the same as the picklist value that the user selected. 
The picklist i want copied over is the "Type" field on the case page.  This type field should be the same value on the case comparison field.
Thank you for any help you can provide.
I ended up just creating a new object called clinical notes and related that object to the account and opportunities.
Another question...I am trying to pull field data into this new custom object using a formula.  Ex. I have a patient record using a certain prescription noted on the Account object. This prescription field is selected from a picklist. Here is my formula that gives me an error saying I a missing a ")" Any advice?

CASE( Client_Name__r.CPAP_Pressure__c ,
5 cm H2O, "5 cm H2O" ,
6 cm H2O, "6 cm H2O" ,
7 cm H2O, "7 cm H2O" ,
8 cm H2O, "8 cm H2O",
9 cm H2O, "9 cm H2O",
10 cm H2O, "10 cm H2O",
11 cm H2O, "11 cm H2O",
12 cm H2O, "12 cm H2O",
13 cm H2O, "13 cm H2O",
14 cm H2O, "14 cm H2O",
15 cm H2O, "15 cm H2O",
16 cm H2O, "16 cm H2O",

Is it possible to write a formula that essentially breaks the shipping address down into the individual lines?

We have an external system that needs to receive the address fields for a child object to an Account in three separate fields.

I figure if I can identify a new line character, then this should be pretty straight forward, but I can't figure out how to do this.
Any ideas?

Is there a formula or custom control, something that can be used to quickly parse through all existing cases and change any public comments into internal ones?
Hi Everyone,

I added a custom formula field to the cases object.  I want to show the account owner on the cases screen, but can't seem to get it right.

Here is what I am currently using for the formula:


But, of course, this shows the ID, rather than the actual user name.  What can I do???

I'm banging my head against the wall.  This can't be so hard! :smileymad:



Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but I'm a bit rushed (aren't we all...?)

When we add a new contact, we also attach an excel spreadsheet that relates exclusively to that contact. This Spreadsheet can potentially under-go 2 or 3 edits before the final draft.
My question is this: Is there a way to edit the spreadsheet online, thus saving us having to download it, edit it, and re-upload it, while retaining the attachment to a contact?


I am new to the Data Loader application and was wondering if there was anyway to upload a file (I assume it has to be in CSV format) to a user's personal documents area?  I have not tried an upload as of yet.  Any suggestions?
Thanks for any and all help!