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Hi there,
I have this formula
(Rate__c *  Number_of_Hours__c) + (Rate__c /(60/ Number_of_Minutes__c ))
to calculate total sum to be paid based on hours and minutes worked.
The problem is, the if the minute field is left blank, I receive an #Error#. If I leave the hour field blank - it's fine, so I've been compensating by making 1 hour into 60 minutes, and it's doing nicely, but it's not ideal!
anyone have any suggestions?
  • October 30, 2007
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Does anyone know how I can create a search or report that will show me what new opportunities have been added over the last 7 days?

This would be something I would access frequently so when ever I check it, it would pull the last 7 days worth of data.


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Im looking for a formula that is based on date.  So basically, a customer calls and in the contact record I want a field that indicats if the customer is "in service" or "out of service".  When a customer buys our product they get 1 year of free service.  So,  365 days later they are "out of service".   I want a field in the contact record to be based on this date.  In theory this date would be pulled from the latest "transaction date" in the "retail transactions" section.  Is this even possible?

Thanks, Mac
I have created a custom object called Preleads.  Preleads can be "stand-alone" records or associated with a Lead using a Lookup Relationship field.  Leads then have a related list section on their record page for the users to view and associate.  We are using Professional Edition (which I'm worried will limit my ability to add a custom solution).
Rollup-Summary fields are not available for lookup relationship fields and Master-Detail relationship fields cannot be used for Lead records (why, Salesforce, why?).  I need a formula/s-control to give a total number of preleads associated to a lead.  I want this to be on the lead record so that the user can determine easily how many they have.  I have trolled the discussion board and blogs to no avail, although it seems there are a number of people with this same problem.  Has anyone come up with a solution?
This should be simple but...
I want to display the time in hours from when a Case is Opened and when it is closed.
Elapsed Time (Number) = ClosedDate -  CreatedDate
Any suggestions?
Help somebody
Is there a way , to create somekind of document template within an open text field. Been Told by SFDC support that you have to create a formula to push text
example :
Is there an easy way to acheive this ........
Tried and it doesn not work.
Any hint someone .
Yves Bédard
  • October 23, 2007
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Cannot get advanced formula to validate syntex.  Need the below formula to calculate as such: If unit dose actual is less than or equal to unit dose base, multiply unit dose actual by $10.  If unit dose actual is greater than unit dose base and less than unit dose target, multiply unit dose actual by $30.  If unit dose actual is greater than or equal to unit dose target, multiply unit dose actual by $40.
Formula is currently written as such:

IF(Unit_Dose_Act__c <=  Unit_Dose_Base__c),Unit_Dose_Act__c*10,

IF(AND(Unit_Dose_Act__c> Unit_Dose_Base__c,Unit_Dose_Act__c<Unit_Dose_Target__c),  Unit_Dose_Act__c *30), IF(Unit_Dose_Act__c>=  Unit_Dose_Target__c),Unit_Dose_Act__c *40


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • October 23, 2007
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Based on a pick list in a case reason --Require two other fields. I need to have two other field required when the list box option Late to promise is selected in a custom field. Please supply a validation rule if possible. I cannot require on the page layout as other ooptions do not require this field Thank You

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I have a text field and i want to allow users to enter only a-z letters, no special characters such as &, $.... and no space between letters

thx for you help

  • October 13, 2007
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