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I have our integration setup to enableRetries but instead of executing a retry, when there is a timeout error, the process aborts. This is what I have in our process-conf.xml bean on all our objects.



<entry key="sfdc.enableRetries" value="true"/>
<entry key="sfdc.maxRetries" value="3"/>
<entry key="sfdc.minRetrySleepSecs" value="2"/>


It never seems to work - any idea why?


This should be an easy one but it doesn't seem to be in the documentation:


When executing a hard delete with the bulk api dataloader command line, what is the right syntax?


<entry key="process.operation" value="hard delete"/> - this throws an error. As does 'Hard Delete' and 'harddelete.'  So I'm not quite sure what to put.  Regular 'delete' works just fine.



Hello, we are looking at getting our developer to write a little program to somehow connect to sales force and pull information which is normally displayed in a report. The reason we are doing this is to get data to automatically refresh and if for some reason the connection to SF drops the information will still be displayed. My question is what is the best way to make an external connection to SF? Is it possible to run SQL queries or connect using web services? Any information I could pass on to our developer would be great!


Many Thanks,


  • July 19, 2010
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