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I need to perform a complete org data export and then reimport it into another org....is there a published order of standard tables to follow or any other easy way to do this, so as to maintain all relationships? I think I can use the weekly export service for the entire database, but the re-import is something I am not familiar with.
I have a use case where when an opportunity hits a certain stage, say Pending, then tasks are created via workflow.  This works great.  But I also have a use case where if the opportunity moves to a further stage, say Closed Won, then the previous tasks are no longer necessary and I want them deleted without further action by the assignee.

Is there a way to do this out-of-the-box?  I am sure I can write an Apex trigger to do this, but it would require carnal knowledge of any workflows and I want this to be very configurable for my team in the future.  So, how can I clean up obsolete tasks?

Thanks in advance.