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Going completely crazy..


How can I make this happend so it actually happends.

Want to have a button which when I press a conformation Email is sent to the lead ID and a status field is changed to contacted.

Am I making this to hard on myself or what?

Please help.
Hi there.

Here in Iceland we have a special social security number in the format of example; 1802852069.
The first 6 numbers are date born as in DD MM YY. I am creating a formula which automatically puts this in value into the birthday field using workflow and field update.

The code that I use is - kennitala = social secuirty number
DATE (MID (Kennitala__c , 5 , 2 )+1900 , MID(Kennitala__c , 3 , 2) , MID(Kennitala__c ,1,2))

the error that i get is; Error: Incorrect parameter for function +(). Expected Number, Date, DateTime, received Text

this field kennitala is a text field. I tried putting Value in front of the MID's but that didn't work.

I used this code to create a formula field and that worked, so just don't understand why it dosn't in the field update.

Any help will be well appriciated
Thanks in advance
Ragnar Fjölnisson

Message Edited by raggifj on 04-11-2008 09:26 AM
Hi all.

I have been looking into the possibilties of adding multiple objects such as creating a button on a custom object related list in opportunities which is titled "Add multiple staff". From that button I would be transfer'd into a select search type of window (Similar to "Add product") where I can add by a checkbox hundreds of staff in a second.

Has anybody tried something like this? And/or can you link me to some solutions?

Thanks in advance
Ragnar Fjölnisson

Message Edited by raggifj on 02-28-2008 07:20 AM
I am building a staff system for my company and have been trying out this one click report custom button.

Is it possible? I thought maybe it was possible just by using URL and merge fields.

Has anybody ever done something like this or know what the possabilities are?

I am in a pickle. I am using the appexchange program Clicktools and I am sending e-mails to my contacts for them to verify infomation and/or change them.

I am using an e-mail template inside Salesforce. I just take the surveys url fx; http://clicktools.com/survey.php=?b1l3l2asf2 and add merge fields values as such;

http://clicktools.com/survey.php=?b1l3l2asf2&q1={!Contact_firstname} ..........
q1 = question nr 1
 and .... = so on and so on.
The thing is some of the characters in my naitive language (Icelandic) are not available through URLs. Special characters such as Æ, Þ, á and Ó seem to dissapear and the value that comes up when the contact press's his link will be correct but all those special characters come up as gibberish box symbols. I was wondering if there are any url encodeing options through those email templates. I know they aren't used every day to send out links with syntex's in them but in ClickTools they have this !urlencode{syntexs} option which allows these special characters to appear valid and I am wondering if salesforce offers a similer thing.

If not, how do you recommend I take care of this problem.

Best regards
Ragnar Fjölnisson
Broadway @ arnol .net

Message Edited by raggifj on 01-30-2008 03:19 AM
Hello all... while I can't particulary pay for this job...

Looking for someone who might be able to whip up a custom S-control...

The control would need to mimic a button and would need to be available on a case's general details view.

When clicked, it would need to send a presribed email template to a prescribed user.

I want this to be automated to speed the process up.