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If a date field is populated the date should be more than 28 days from the current date (today) and less than 120 days for the current date (today).  If the date field is blank the rule should not fire.

We are part-way through an exciting programme to deliver enhancements to our customers experience of working with our organisation.


Part of this programme is to build a portal that will be used by our customer community to get access to information about our products and services, engaged with us and other customers and to access our customer support facility.


We are deploying Salesforce Customer Portal and Self-Service Portal to provide customers with access to Salesforce Cases (for support), Salesforce Solutions (for self service knowledge base) and Salesforce Ideas (for engagement).


We are looking for an individual to join the programme team and to work with a junior Salesforce administrator to help design, build and implement these modules. As a result we are looking for indiviuals with the following skill-set:



• Workflow configuration (including Objects, Assets, Custom fields)

• Cases

• Solutions

• Ideas

• Customer Portal

• Self-Service Portal



• Visualforce

• S-Controls

• Integration with other systems eg Atlantic Global, Sharepoint, Google Mini


At this stage we are looking for a contractor to join the UK based team ASAP for an 8 week period in order to complete the build phase by the end of March 2009.


If you are interested please contact me so that we can discuss in more detail.


We currently have two positions available:
  • Administrator
  • Consultant/Developer
Please contact me if you are interested.


  • January 13, 2009
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