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Hi All
In our application during approval process once a manager approve the record , the mail has to be  sent only to that particular person,the requirement is such that  it should work generically for any number of users , In the email alert  for Recipient type there were options like record owner, Account owner,Role ,User etc   i selected record owner,Account owner,still email were not sent to the record content holder i.e  lets say record belong to User A  , The mail is not sent to A, Any idea or clues what need to be done.
Can any one tell me how to remove the outline(border) shown in the SControl.
I added my SControl to detail page of Custom Object. Now whenever i try to view the Custom object, apart from Custom Object border in the detail page, it is displaying my SControl with a outline.
I want to remove the outline of my SControl displayed there.
My SControl is:
<body color='customTab75'>
Can any one tell how to do that?
I have a customer is construction.  They are often working on Projects in the field ie no internet access.  Offline would be perfect for keeping track of things while in the field.  Unfortunately Projects aren't included in Offline. I could have an Opportunity that has record Type = Project and has its own stages etc.  but that is kind of hokey. 
Has anyone done anything to customize offline and bring other objects to it?
  • June 04, 2008
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Hi, We have a requirement like whenever user creates a new contact, the contact owner should be same as the account owner of the contact. For this we have written the below apex trigger:

trigger ChangeOwner on Contact (before insert)

{        Contact[] cons = Trigger.new;        for(Contact c:cons)    {

               String ownerId = [select ownerId from Account where Id =: c.accountId].ownerId;                 System.debug('Query Success-->'+ownerId);             c.ownerId = ownerId;              System.debug('Owner set Success-->'+c.ownerId);



This is working fine for System Administrator
But when a standard user tries to create a contact, it shows the error message as
"Insufficient Privileges
 You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary."
 Can anybody please help me out?
 Thanks and Regards,
I am in the midst of testing the Salesforce Mobile with the Blackberry Simulator B8707g.
I am recieving the below error message.
"Unable to register your Simulator because you are attempting to create a Simulator device and the device address is in use by another user"

How to change the device address? Have anyone of used this simulator?
Any lead to this issue is much appreciated.

in our App for having hierarchical relationship i have added a custom field Manager for User object , Upon submit of the approval i am getting error " the approval process requires next approver to be determined by Manager field.,this value is empty."
Any info can be of great help.
I have downloaded a Blackberry Mobile simulator (version: 8130-Verizon) from the Blackberry site and installed it in my machine. I have configured Blackberry MDS simulator to work behind a proxy. It is working fine. I have installed the Salesforce Mobile Application.
But after that whenever I am trying to configure the Salesforce Mobile application, I am getting struck in the screen showing: "Device info has been sent to salesforce.com and is awating registration".
 It is not proceeding any further. Any help?



Is possible to trigger a workflow alert and/or task using Apex?


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