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Updating a date field on an account with a null value will not clear/reset the date field
so it wont be visible on the account screen.
What possibilities do I have?
    webService static string UpdateAccountDates(string nr, date InService, date OutService)
        try {
            Account acc = [select AC_SINDS__c,AC_EX_SINDS__c from Account where AC_AF_INI_ID__c = :nr];

            acc.AC_SINDS__c = InService;
            acc.AC_EX_SINDS__c = OutService;
            update acc;    
When connecting to my custom web service in Salesforce I retrieve the following message.
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException: No operation available for request.

What does it mean?
Thx in advance.
With my admin account (entreprise edition) I can't generate an apex class based on an imported wsd l file
which is created by my .NET web service.

According to the documentation it should be possible.

What am I doing wrong?

Can you help me out?


The only error I am getting on the below is that it says "File only saved locally, not to server" in the Warnings section, and of course it is not showing up in the ui.
I am sure this is something simple, but I have not found it yet.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
trigger SiteLeaseEndDate on Site_Lease_Contract__c (after update) {
 private Site_Lease_Contract__c[] newSiteLeaseEndDate = Trigger.new;
 Double Months = newSiteLeaseEndDate[0].Lease_Term_In_Months__c;
 Double y = Months;
 Integer x = y.intvalue();
 newSiteLeaseEndDate[0].End_Date_2__c = newSiteLeaseEndDate[0].Start_Date__c.addMonths(x);

  • December 10, 2008
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