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I am wondering how to create a certain type of Report in Salesforce, or if it is even possible. I have 2 different custom objects, which each have "Contact" as a Master-Detail relationship. Therefore, a Contact can have many occurances of each type of object associated with it. We'll call them ObjectA and ObjectB.

In the Report wizard, I can create a report "Contacts with ObjectA" or "Contacts with ObjectB", but I am wondering if it is possible to create a report with something like "Contacts with ObjectA and ObjectB"?
My only other option is to make ObjectB have a Master-detail relationship to ObjectA, but that isn't neccessarily an accurate reflection of my relational data.

Forgive me if I am missing out on some key concepts of Salesforce reporting, this part of SF is pretty new to me

  • March 06, 2008
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