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i have a custom field on an account called "custtype" which is a picklist with values: gold, silver, regular.
for contacts, i would like to get notified if anyone changed the picklist value (say, from gold to platinum) by going to setup / customize / account / fields / edit the "custtype" field, can i use the "ischanged" function this way?
i.e. can i have a simple workflow rule that says:
to get notified when this happens?
can anyone please help? thanks...
I'm trying to create a notification for when a contact's Account is changed.  I've attempted to create a workflow rule that is evaulated every time a record is created or edited.

The rule consists of simply this:

ISCHANGED( Account.Name )

When I try to check the syntax I get the following error:
Error: The ISCHANGED function cannot reference the Account.Name field.

I R konfuzed....please help.
  • March 07, 2008
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