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I have create a managed release package and was able to successfully install it.
the package consitis of apex classes ( decalred as public and method which are also public)
typical example is
Namespace : testnm
public class MyClass {
public static void myMethod(String s) {
now in the installed org , I would like to use the class and its method
I have tried using as follows in a public class
but this does not work. Can anybody help me with an example.
  • October 03, 2008
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Hi experts,

I have one VF Page with pageBlockTable which has a List in its "value" attribute.
what i want to do is.. i want a select facility on each row of table and i want to keep track of selected rows in a controller .. after that on click of button i would like to execute an action which will insert those selected rows into the database.

Is it possible?
how can i do this?
Any guidance, source code ??

Thanks in advance.
Is there any way to create reports using VisualForce and Apex Code and add that report in a ReportFolder?
I can use the listViews tag to show the list views in a VF page

Is there any way of getting the records similar to GetRecordIds?

How would I link a VF button to these records?