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Afternoon all,

Well, neophyte s-control writer here....attempting to write an s-control that will write to the account page, and start a workflow.  However, some accounts do not meet validation rules, and without error handling, it looks like the s-control goes through and completes but of course the workflow isn't triggered as the criteria is not met (the s-control doesn't update the account).  It is likely something small, but would anyone see the err in my ways???  (I am using a custom button that executes javascript...).


try {
var account = new sforce.SObject("Account"); 

account.id = '{!Account.Id}'; 
account.Four_Month_Blitz_One__c = 'TRUE';
account.Four_Month_Blitz_Two__c = 'TRUE';
result = sforce.connection.update([account]); 

window.parent.location.href="{!URLFOR($Action.Account.View, Account.Id,null , true )}";
alert("An error has occurred : " + e);

 Thanks all,

Nik  :smileytongue:

Hello all,


I've recently installed the iPhone Salesforce App.  When I attempt to edit or add a new Opportunity, the program will crash and take me back to the Home Page of applications whenever I attempt to update the Stage of the opportunity.  This would be such a big deal, if it weren't for the fact that it's a required field.  I'm running version 4.2.1 of Salesforce and version 3.1.2 of the iPhone software.  I'm a Group level user of Salesforce.


Any thoughts?  Anyone else having this problem.




  • March 10, 2010
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Does anyone have any feedback on this app? I was going to try it today, but apparently the tens of thousands of dollars my small business pays Salesforce every year isn't enough to allow me to use this (surprise, surprise). I don't want to sign up for the trial unless someone can tell me it is worth it. Using Salesforce through Safari on the iPhone is beyond inconvenient. It would be great if for once a solution we used could provide a tiny bit of extra value with out nickel and diming, but that is SAAS for you......