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When using the SOQL FORMAT() function through REST API, we get a JSON error in the response:
"message" : "java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.Date",
"errorCode" : "JSON_PARSER_ERROR"

When requesting application/xml, we are getting the correct value in the XML response.

Anyone experienced the same behaviour?

Hi all,


A client of ours is using Salesforce2Salesforce.

They want to maximize the automatic sync of Opportunities from org A to org B.


I've set up an automatic forward through a trigger on Opp in org A.

What I'm struggeling with is the automatic deletion of shared Opps in org B that were deleted in org A.

When you delete a shared Opp from org A, the link between the 2 is cut, more specific: the PartnerNetworkRecordConnection record is set to Inactive in org B

But I cannot catch this event in org B.

The Opp itself doesn't change, so I cannot use a trigger on Opp.

PartnerNetworkRecordConnection doesn't allow for trigger.


I could write a batch that regularly cleans up Inactive Opps, but maybe there is more elegant solution?


Best Regards,



Hi All,


I have successfully configured the dataloader to connect and insert data into an MS Access DB, however I am unable to extract information from the same DB.  When I attempt to read from the database I receive the following error:


3899 [accountUpsertProcess] ERROR com.salesforce.lexiloader.dao.database.DatabaseReader  - Database error encountered during setup of the database configuration: queryAccountAll.
Sql error: Invalid Fetch Size.
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid Fetch Size
        at sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcStatement.setFetchSize(JdbcOdbcStatement.java:826)
        at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingStatement.setFetchSize(DelegatingStatement.java:276)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.dao.database.DatabaseReader.setupQuery(DatabaseReader.java:146)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.dao.database.DatabaseReader.open(DatabaseReader.java:115)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.dao.database.DatabaseReader.open(DatabaseReader.java:103)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.util.DAORowUtil.calculateTotalRows(DAORowUtil.java:59)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.dao.database.DatabaseReader.getTotalRows(DatabaseReader.java:214)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.action.AbstractLoadAction.<init>(AbstractLoadAction.java:90)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.action.BasePartnerLoadAction.<init>(BasePartnerLoadAction.java:44)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.action.UpsertAction.<init>(UpsertAction.java:47)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.action.ActionFactory.getActionInstance(ActionFactory.java:78)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.controller.Controller.executeAction(Controller.java:113)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.process.ProcessRunner.run(ProcessRunner.java:136)
        at com.salesforce.lexiloader.process.ProcessRunner.main(ProcessRunner.java:228)
3915 [accountUpsertProcess] ERROR com.salesforce.lexiloader.util.DAORowUtil  - Error Calculating Total Rows


Has anyone successfully configured a CLI process to extract data from Access?