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I'm trying to generate a deposit formula where the deposit is 50% of a group of products + 25% of another group of products.  How can I break up the product groups - the standard % * amount doesn't work?
  • February 11, 2009
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My client has two record types ("Label Clients" and "Project Clients") for each of the standard sObjects "Leads", "Accounts", and "Objects".


As should seem obvious, when my client converts a Lead, the resulting Accounts and Opportunities *should* be of the corresponding type.


However, in practice, all conversions results in conversions to "Label Client" records.


"Map Lead Fields" doesn't seem to include "Record Type" as mappable.


Is there somewhere else I should look to map this?


Or can I create some sort of custom Convert using Apex?


Or, is the best solution to make a trigger which will change the record type based upon a picklist?  Would conversion be considered an "insert" or an "update"?