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We need to implement SSO in a dev instance, but we are not able to create its web service in java yet. We have downloaded its .net code from internet and hosted it on a staging server, but its not working(It is not allowing the user to login, if it is SSO enabled). Please let me know, how can I write its web service and where should I host it.


Other question is :- Should I need to write my code in java(instead of net) and host it on apache Tomcat?

If yes, please send me the sample code.



I am waiting for the reply.




Sunil Arora



     I have a trigger on opportunity update which will update the opportunity line items  accordingly.


     Through the debug log I found the trigger is triggered twice, even though I specify it will only be triggered if there is a stage change from sA to sB. 


     From the discussion board, I found the reason is due to certain workflow rule did field update right after the trigger. But the funny thing is after the first firing, the previous stage of the opportunity is still considered as sA instead of sB, while the opportunity line items data did accumulated after the firing.


     In the end, the number of line items doubled.  Although I have ways to prevent the line items from the second round of accumulation, I am just curious how to deal with the second fire of trigger?



     Btw, I found the governer limit of SOQL in sandbox increased from 20 to 100! Good news!





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