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We'd like to add a customer field to Opportunities which calculates the gap between the time the opportunity stage changed to "Price Quote" and the time it was closed.

I tried building such a formula and was unable to capture the date in which the opportunity stage had changed to the desired stage.

Our opportunities are managed through numerous stages, and we'd like to measure the average time it takes from a specific stage (i.e. Proposal/Price Quote) to the opportunity closure.
How is that done?
I have tried adding a customized summary formula to the "Opportunity Stage Duration Report" but was unsuccessful at building the required expression.
I had some success today refreshing dashboard and thought I'd share. I found some code from SF Heretic on refreshing homepages and dashboards, but it didn't quite work for me, though it got me pointed in the right direction which I greatly appreciate! Their code for refreshing the homepage didn't work for me the way it was setup. What did work was going to Homepage components and adding to the Messages & Alerts:

<meta http-equiv=refresh content=600>

And if you stay on the home page it does refresh after 10 minutes.

What I wanted to do was refresh a dashboard we have for mgmt users whenever they hit that page so they see the current numbers without having to click refresh. What I ended up doing was adding a component to the dashboard that was an S Control and all it contained was the following code where the ID listed is the ID of the dashboard. You can see the exact window open code I lifted below by going to the dashboard and with FIREBUG installed click INSPECT and select the REFRESH button on the page and it will show you something like the below....

<BODY onLoad="refreshDashboardTimeout();" >
function refreshDashboardTimeout() {
window.open('/01Z6000000073av—m=poll&refresh=1', 'db_refresh_frame');

Hope that helps some of you out there..........


  • May 17, 2007
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