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Hi all,


I face a problem here and would appreciate any asisstance.


I have added the gateway info in the chargent application. Also I have three record types under opportunities and under all i have edited the picklists. I created 2 cloned profiles, one with standard user rights and the other with system admin rights. Both of them have been assigned usres. Still I am unable to invoke the Payment Method fields here.

Also I just see the fields listed under one of the associated Page layouts and not under the other two.




Yash.... !!! 




Hi All,


I need some help here. While setting up a payment gateway, I create a custom profile which was a cloned system admin profile. So the Custom Profile has the all the System Admin rights. Also I assigned a user to it.

Now I want to delete the profile and add the user to a standard user profile. No where I get an option to edit the profile details for the user. Neither I am being allowed to Delete the profile since there is a custom user associated to the profile.


Can anyone please let me know the way out of it.




Yash... !!! 

Hi all,

I am currently practicing how to genreate reports and create dashboards.


I have gone through the csv provided by the recruting app but in order to practice more, i need more csv files or similar analytical data which i could make use of.


So anyone could provide me wit any pseudo sample data which I can make use of, be it from any industry. I would be grateful if anybody can assist me here.



Hi, I'm trying to do an Eclipse installation for the latest Force IDE from scratch following the directions on this page: http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Force.com_IDE_Installation_for_Eclipse_3.4.x


Eclipse installed fine, but when I go to install the Force IDE package, I get this unrecoverable error:


"An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
  No repository found containing: org.eclipse.wst.html.ui/osgi.bundle/1.0.400.v200904292008"


Any ideas? Thanks.