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I have a custom event object that contains name, date, time, etc.  I'd like updates to show up on a news feed whenever a user creates a new Event or makes any changes to the event.  I'd also like other users to be able to follow and comment on this event.  I realize that Chatter is new, but is there any documentation available that can guide me?


I am fairly new to the force.com environment and any links to resources would be helpful.  I appreciate all of your suggestions.  Thanks!

  • March 24, 2010
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Came across an interesting thing while building out chatter stuff for our org.  The Chatter instances are self contained and do not at this time operate with a Parent Child database like functionality.


This is both a good and bad thing.  Good because all Cases, Contacts, Opportunities..etc would share their "chats" with the parent object which would mean the Account Chatter would be unbearable.


Bad because I can't pick an account to follow all of the rollup chatter happening with the account.


I'm guessing there will probably be a way to figure out how to "Chat" up to the Parent Object what's happening with the children as a setting or a feature.


I could probably also use the "bubble" code to make an "Open/Close" section using visualforce to display the "Chats" for that Account and it's children.


Anybody else played around with this stuff and how they would display the data? 



Busy agency seeking salesforce developer to do custom config and basic setup and public portal integration.