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​Hey!! Please help
how to add "reply and reply all" features in email ?
I have a visuaForce page with dataTable being populated from Apex controller. Then after changing a checkbox control in the dataTable, I want to read the whole dataTable data in the apex controller code(loop throough each row and do stuffs on them).
How can I do this? I have seen people saying Wrapper class, but not sure it will work or not.


 I found this queston in a mock exam and I can't figure out which one is the right answer. I believe it to be D, but I found that some documentation points it out to be A ( As you could probably automate the process with Lighting Builder?). Can it be both? Thank you.

Universal Containers wants to rollout new product bundles with several pricing options. Pricing options include product-price bundles, account specific pricing and more. Which product satisfies these needs?

 A- Lightning Process Builder
 B- Workflow on Opportunity/Opportunity Product
 C- Formula fields on Opportunity/Opportunity product
 D- Custom AppExchange App for product pricing

Hi All,


Does the Developer certification exam consist of multiple answer questions?


And can anyone suggest me what study material i have to go through for taking this test?