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Hi All,

Not sure if I'm posting the right question here and on a right topic but, is it possible to merge 2 Salesforce org licenses into one org set of licenses? 

Let me clarify that with an example scenario:
We currently have around 60 licenses in our Salesforce org for non-profit. We have another Salesforce org which has 8 license users that we would like to merge and consolidate with the first one making our licenses 68 in total. 

Any idea on how to do this? I'm writing to our Salesforce Account Executive with the same question. I just thought maybe someone in the forum somehow have done similar in the past and could share the approach.



Hi there,


Does anybody know how to create a unit test for this code below? I came across this when looking for a way to run my Informatica Cloud task in Salesforce remotely. Thanks in advance for the help!




public with sharing class OrderIntegration {

    @future (callout=true) 

    public static void runjob(String username, String password, String jobName, String jobType) {

        HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
        HttpResponse res = new HttpResponse();
        Http http = new Http(); 

        req.setBody('username='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(username, 'UTF-8')+
                           '&password='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(password, 'UTF-8')+
                           '&jobName='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(jobName, 'UTF-8')+
                           '&jobType='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(jobType, 'UTF-8')); 

        try {
            res = http.send(req);
           catch(System.CalloutException e) {
            System.debug('Job Error: '+ e);