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I want to be able to lear about Salesforce Knowledge, which seems to be part of the "Service Cloud" http://www.salesforce.com/crm/editions-pricing-service.jsp




We are working on Knowledgebase Article and also configured the same in salesforce.
I tried to create the workflow rules for Knowledgebase Article but didn't get any Article object in object list.


Please let me know that, Is it possible to create workflow rules for the Article?

Thanks In Advance!



  • March 02, 2011
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I'm wondering if this is possible.  We're basically building a bigger, better, more scalable editor interface, pretty much replacing components that don't scale (list views, filters) with our own VF, and one of the requests I got was to grab the data categories associated with the article when listing them.


Should something like this work?


Select f.Localized_Title__c, f.Id, (Select ParentId, DataCategoryGroupName, DataCategoryName From DataCategorySelections) From FAQ__kav f where PublishStatus = 'Online'


I know I'd have to iterate through the data categories in separate logic before binding to VF (or do it in an apex:repeat), but theoretically, no issues here right?

This should be a pretty straightforward one but I can't seem to figure out why this isn't working.  I'm trying to create a select box with the different categoryGroups of knowledge.  It seems to work fine when I use basic html <select> and <option>  but when using <apex:selectList> and <apex:selectOption> it does not.


This works:


<select name="category">
<option Value="myRoot">--All--</option>
<knowledge:categoryList categoryVar="category" categoryGroup="IssueType" rootCategory="myRoot" level="-1">
<option value="{!category.name}">{!category.label}</option>



But this does not (only the  --All-- selection is displayed, nothing inside the categoryList loop)


<apex:selectList id="issueTypeList" size="1" value="{!issueType}">
<apex:selectOption itemLabel="--All--" itemValue="myRoot" />
<knowledge:categoryList categoryVar="category" categoryGroup="IssueType" rootCategory="myRoot" level="-1">
<apex:selectOption itemLabel="{!category.name}" itemValue="{!category.label}" />



Is there something about knowledge:categoryList and apex:selectOption that do not play well together?  I'm sure I could work around it using the basic html controls but was hoping to understand why this isn't working.






  • April 26, 2010
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I want to embed videos in my knowledge articles, and I have been trying to follow the steps from these two posts:




Under Setup->Customize->Knowledge->Article Types, I have an article type of "Video Tutorial" with the title test_video_tutorial. I have a custom field called "Tutorial" with an API name of "Tutorial__c". 


In Article Management, I created a new article of type "Video Tutorial" and the Tutorial field I have this:

<div class="youtube">http://www.youtube.com/v/TDArzCNu178?</div>


In Setup->Develop->Pages, I created a new Visualforce Page called VideoTutorialPage like this:

<apex:page standardController="Video_Tutorials__kav" showHeader="true">
    <apex:outputPanel >
        <apex:outputField value="{!Video_Tutorials__kav.Title}"/>
        <apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!Video_Tutorials__kav.Tutorial__c}"/>

However, when I click on the article "test_video_tutorial" in my Articles, the video doesn't get embedded. I just see the html code for it. Is there something I have to do to tell Salesforce that when I click on a Video Tutorial article, that it should use the Visualforce Page I created? What is it that I have to do to get the video to show up?

Is there a way to maintain article versions in SFDC. Out-of-box Salesforce always displays the latest published version on the Knowledge article. So, say if a rep resolved a case and attached an article to a case on day1 and the article was updated and published on day3. On day4 when I view the case, the attached article will display the new value for the article. Is there a way to maintain versioning so that on day4 the article associated to the case should still display the article on day1 ?

Can someone provide me with the info to import knowledge articles and associating it to data categories using data loader?


Since Portal User roles are created runtime so how to restrict a Articles based on Data Category Group.

  • August 04, 2011
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I want to be able to lear about Salesforce Knowledge, which seems to be part of the "Service Cloud" http://www.salesforce.com/crm/editions-pricing-service.jsp



I am using the Public Knowledge Base from salesforce and have been having a few issues since the Summer 11 release on my org.

My public knowledge base is no longer updating itself with metadata changes (for example I added a new Article Type that is not showing up on my site)

Also adding new fields to my exsiting article type is not working.


I notice that in summer 11 salesforce have made changes to the way permissions are set for Articles so think it must be something to do with this.....but noone, including salesforce support seem to know.

Has anyone else come across this?



Is there a way to programmatically publish or unpublish a Knowledge Article?  I don't see anything in the API documentation where this is possible.  If not, is this planned for a future release?




I  created my first trigger and apex test class in the Sandbox. I had 100% code coverage and everything seemed to be working fine in the Sandbox. I used the Outbound Change Sets to deploy to production. When I validated the Inbound Change Set in my production environment, it failed and I don't understand what the error is.


API Name - KnowledgeController.null()

Type = Class

Problem = Failure Message: "line -1, column -1: Dependent class is invalid and needs recompilation: knowledgecontroller: line 292, column 16: No such column 'permissionsviewknowledge' on entity 'Profile'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the...


I don't understand why it says line 292 because I don't have anywhere close to 200 lines of code. Also, I'm not doing anything with knowledge base. How do I determine what is causing this error?



I am a developer and we were trying to build an integration of LivePerson Agent within Salesforce. I could not install the Knowledge base app from, http://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000003HXO9EAO I got this error at the end of the installation: Package install error There are problems that prevent this package from being installed. Missing Organization Feature: Knowledge http://prntscr.com/1qzon what does it mean? Do I need a license? thanks, shai


We're new to Salesforce Knowledge and are looking to switch from our solutions-based FAQs to a Public Knowledge Base using the "Sample Public Knowledge Base for Salesforce Knowledge" found here:


After installation, I'm receiving this error on our help site (alpha testing).

Error: The PKB Site Setup is not configured correctly. Please verify that the category group name is correct and that the group is active.

Could someone please help explain what this means?

Thank you kindly,


We've set up Knowledge and the new Service Cloud Console.  When we bring up a case, knowledge articles show up in the knowledge pane just fine.  We can see the questions and solutions.  However, once clicked on so it opens in the main pane, we just get the article name in huge text.


Same is true when going to the knowledge site for the org.  We can search and find the solution but when we select it, we get huge text (not formatted) and no solution shows.


We set this up 'out of the box' so is there some configuration that we're missing?

My company is in the process of investigating SFDC Knowledge as a repository for its (already sizeable) knowledge base.


In particular, we want to seamlessly integrate Articles with Cases.


I have a few questions about this:

1) Where are the links from Articles to Cases stored? I would expect there would be 'junction' objects, but the WebUI and the Dataloader seem to either obscure these objects or the implementation is different than I expect, or both... I am particularly interested becaus:

      a) We have a primitive way of linking Cases to Articles already and we'd like to preserve those relationships if/when we moved to SFDC Knowledge...

      b) Also, there would probably be a desire to see who made the Link from a Case to an Article and potentially to have some Triggers fire on creation of these Links.


As of right now, since the 'Link' object is obscured, I don't think I can do either.


2) Is there a concept of Versioning in the Articles? It would be valuable to be able to see an older version of the Body of an Article to see how its evolved. We're also interested in seeing who + when folks changed an Article... And this information would be stored in the Article Version (presumably). I see some things in the Dataloader, but I'm (at this point) guessing the significance of each visible table. Is there any documentation on Article Versioning? I haven't found any, but perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place(s).


Thank you for your time,
Daniel Fisher

Right now our users go through Case -> Close Case -> Save and Create Article to submit new articles.  I'd like to create a custom button or link to allow users to submit articles from a different page.  What is the code that is required for this?

Hi, we are currently in the process of migrating user guides that are currently authored and published using MadCap. The documents are published to WebHelp (XHTML) and PDF formats. We are trying to import the web documents into Knowledge, and for the most part the documents import fine. We have a couple of issues though that I am hoping to get help on.


The documents have internal links, which are relative to other documents ,either to different pages or within the same page. Whenever a document is imported, the relative links are removed. Any fully qualified URL's are kept intact but the target referenced is changed to open the document in a new window.  


My idea is to write a pre-import tool that will call an apex class to display the article (i.e. /apex/KAViewer?UrlName=URLNameTitle

where URLName is the value stored in the URLName field of the Article Type. However, how can we specify a relative link in the documents. If the path has to be fully qualified, we would run into a maintenance issue with making sure we are using the correct SFDC domain. Also, is there a way to not have the target change. Opening a new browser for each link would be a usability issue.


Has anyone come across this issue with relative links in documents?





We're building a custom integration with SF Knowledge where we need to use some, but not all of the Case functionality.  We like the Attach to Case stuff, but we don't like the Email as PDF stuff, so my plan was to upsert a solution for each Knowledge Article, and then insert an entry into the CaseSolution object for each one, so we could use the existing solutions merge field for the email templates (and also not have to update a couple dozen email templates while we're at it).


I don't see any accessible metadata in regards to querying, or even better, triggering on article attachment to Case.  Is there a way to get this info as of the Summer '10 release, or are we stuck in having to essentially build out an end to end custom solution for this type of integration?  I don't like going custom when it comes to page layouts, because Visualforce on a standard page layout is an ugly iframe implementation, which limits the functionality I can put in due to vertical space constraints (and my not wanting to waste vertical space).


Any insight would be appreciated.