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Does anyone have an Idea on the best method for migrating data from netsuite into salesforce. I am fimiliar with Salesforce but I have never worked with a Netsuite demo account. What tools would you recommend when transferring data from netsuite to salesforce? This would include all activities, notes, and attachments associated with defualt objects such as accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunites? Is infomatica the best solution for data migration?  Any useful information would be helpful. Thanks

We are a very small non-profit that used IT undergrad students to implement. Now we have issues and need help. I've written detailed requirements document. Looking for a developer to correct a couple of problems and make a few enhancements.  We have a small budget.

Small project.

Need to build a PUBLIC website based of Saleforce Knowledge preferably on our site, not using force.com if possible.

Just need functionality to be similar to SFDC's own Knowledge but using our wrapper (all graphics and such will be supplied)  Must know SFDC Knowledge,  There should be no graphic work for this project, simply coding the pages to be functional and buildling into our wrapper.




Another question, I'm afraid!


I know how to make certain fields required before you can save a Lead record--you just click the Required checkbox on the Page Layout associated with that Lead's record type.  However, is there a way to make a field required before that record can be converted?


If that doesn't make sense, here's a quick dumb example.  Let's say I have a "Favorite Color" field on my Lead page.  I want to set that field so that my end user does not have to enter a favorite color in order to save the Lead record, but so that they do have to enter a favorite color in order to convert that record into an Account.


Thank you x3.  =)

Does anyone know anything about the forthcoming integration between Joomla and SalesForce being designed by Picnet?
I have tried to contact them with regards to the tool, but have heard nothing yet.