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i am trying to generate apex class from wsdl ,but the error showing that


Apex Generation Failed Unsupported schema type: {http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}anyType in sales force when i click  generate Apex code



My java service has list data type return so in the wsdl also the type is any Type


The wsdl syntax is :


 <xs:complexType name="CardProviderResponse">
                    <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="cardProviderContainers" nillable="true" type="xs:anyType"/>
                    <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="errorMessage" nillable="true" type="xs:string"/>
            </xs:complexType> in the wsdl


Now how to solve this problem ? how to generate apex class for this type of wsdl ?

i am using apex class like this..follows


global class YodleeLoginService {
webservice static List<object> cobrandLoginContext(string username) {
    List<object> cobrandRespInfo = new List<object>();  
   yintegDomyexpensesCom.CobrandLoginServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint serviceobj=new yintegDomyexpensesCom.CobrandLoginServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint();
    yintegDomyexpensesComXsd.CobrandLoginResponse responseObj=new yintegDomyexpensesComXsd.CobrandLoginResponse();
     responseObj=serviceobj.loginCobrand(cobrandId, appId, cobrandLogin, cobrandPassword);
      String language=responseObj.language;
        return cobrandRespInfo;


/// Here how to return the object from the response or how to get the fileds value present in tne response



I am getting error like this...



  context = (null)
  detail = (null)
  faultcode = "soapenv:Client"
  faultstring = "System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Read timed out

Class.yintegDomyexpensesCom.CobrandLoginServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint.loginCobrand: line 46, column 13
Class.YodleeLoginService.cobrandLoginContext: line 25, column 17
External entry point"


in an Alert box showing the above details .How to solve this ...please

i am creating Apex service:


global class CreditCardProviderService {
    webservice static String fetchCreditCardProviders() {
       String s='Federal';
             return s;     


and i am calling from flex like this



    public function cobrandlogin(lr:Object):void
                var keywords: String="value";
                // var results:String=null;     
                var object:Parameter=new Parameter("keywords",keywords);
                var params:Array=[object];
                var tempCallBack:AsyncResponder = new AsyncResponder(resultHandler,faultHandler);
          public function resultHandler(result:Object):void
                  if (result != null)
                       Alert.show("Result is empty.", "Info");
            public function faultHandler(result: Fault):void
                        Alert.show("Operation failed", "Error");


but i am not getting the result

I want to just return a single value.

its not returning the result  in flex, Its showing "fault object" that is" operation failed";

 please help to solve this ..

We are trying to call a third party web service. The web service expects a xsi:type specified for one of the elements, which is a complex type. But, the xsi:type is not sent in the request genrated by Apex generated web service client which results in a fault from the web service.


How de we make Apex to send out the xsi:type?

System.CalloutException: Web service callout failed:  

invoke for method in WSDL2Apex Generated Code

 Unexpected subelement loginName faultcode=soapenv:Server faultactor=

apex web service callout "xsi:type" not generated when executing