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Hey all, 


We're working with SF Reports, and see that we should be able to count a range within a column. Our column is in percentages, and we want to know how many records fall within several different percentage ranges, for instance:


Within this object, how many records are under 15%?  How many are between 15% and 50%? Above 50%? 


Using the logic therein, it seems that we should be able to do this; but Group By or Count don't seem to go this far. Any suggestions, or has anyone done this?




Greetings all, 

I'm (http://www.plml.org) seeking a Salesforce builder (with PHP experience). Please get in touch via http://www.plml.org/contact .


Specifically, we're seeking help to:


* Build an API connection between a LAMP server via PHP & cron. This will entail weekly or monthly upserts of a growing dataset. 

* Build two (relatively simple) objects in SF to contain the information coming from the LAMP server. I'll need your help to refine the relationships between objects.  

* Build several reports to show the information that's coming from the server. 


We also have some misc. issues with lead conversion that would be helpful to resolve. 

Note that as we're a nonprofit, reasonable rates are very important


Greetings all, 


We'll be integrating Google Analytics information (Network locations) with information about schools and regions in the US (which match up some, but not all, of the time). 


I see that there's a Google API connector, but it looks like it's only for Google Docs and Sheets, rather than for Analytics. 


Has anyone integrated Salesforce with Google Analytics API and, if so, which tool(s) have you found most useful to do it? How hard was it? What should we know about beforehand?


Thanks so much, 


Greetings all, 


I've been out of the SF development scene for ~6 months, and in the meantime, wonder if some any new GUI/WYSIWYG web-to-object form-builders have been released?


Specifically, I'm looking to avoid commercial (paid) products (we're a nonprofit) and need to find something that requires minimal APEX development (as end-users will need to create and embed the forms into code-happy environments such as Wordpress). 


Any suggestions or thoughts?


Many thanks!