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We are looking for a SF.com Developer / Consultant for a short term project. 


We are looking to do the following immediately:


1.  Clean up / De dup our SF.com Database of Leads and Contacts.

2.  Create a strategy to update our leads with physical address information before we do a physical mailing of an upcoming publication.  We want to email our email newsletter subscribers where we, overwhelminging, have email addresses. Inform them of the availability of the upcoming publication, display the physical address information that we have on-file (If any) and then allow them to update that information (Send them to a landing page where they can update address info and preferences)



Please quote this seperately:

3.  We also have number of subscribers that subscribe to our RSS via Feedburner.  We would ideally like to import this subscriber data from Feedburner to SF.com and be able to manage sign ups in Sf.com.  I.E. understand who are subscribers to our HTML Email RSS feed, Allow people to sign up to both our email newsletter (subscriptions currently managed in SF.com) and RSS feeds from the same page with the ability to tweek preferences (Daily Digest vs. Individual emails, text vs.HTML e-mail,) from the same page.

  • January 15, 2011
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