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We have a number of small and larger scale development projects available working on an exciting start-up solution built native on the force.com platform.

We are looking for individuals at a reasonable rate and whom are available immediately to work and complete these projects.


These projects will be fixed bid projects ranging from $250 - $2000+ USD to complete various components.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to continue to work on projects for longer engagements.

Please reply with your experience with the force.com platform and hourly rate. 


We have also posted this opportunity on Odesk.





Curious if anyone has thoughts and experiences in the decision points on developing a visualforce page accessible thru the customer portal versus all users going directly to a salesforce.com page?   Aside from licensing considerations...


Our group would be developing components that would be accessbile to ALL EMPLOYEES in the organization - e.g. timesheets, absence etc.





I'm looking more into the right strategy to deliver on the following requirement.  We are looking to develop a time entry page that could include multiple rows of time, attached to 1 transaction for an employee. 


Example -


Display only-field -   Employee ID,   Time Period (drop down)


Rows of data with the ability for an employee to add more rows -


Date,  Time Code, Project, Hours Worked  (Row 1)

Date,  Time Code, Project, Hours Worked  (Row 2)

Date,  Time Code, Project, Hours Worked  (Row 3)  ETC..


With a summation of the total hours worked on this page.   Since I'm new for force.com,  I'm struggling to understand the best way to implement this - whereby this entire page would be considered 1 transaction/entry.


FYI - If someone is looking to make some money, I would be more than happy to pay for time worked (fixed fee)